One of the most important electronic programs offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Ejar program, which is one of the programs related to documenting contracts, or real estate matters in general. Today, through our website GoStart.Biz, we will learn about the method of registering in the Ejar program and the objectives of the program in detail.

How to register in the Ejar program

The Ejar program is considered one of the programs that preserves the rights of all parties present in the commercial process. It guarantees the rights of tenants and also guarantees the rights of the owner of the place, or the broker as well. Every party to the unified residential rental contract can preserve his right by registering in this program, and therefore we can say This program is one of the development programs that works to increase confidence in everything related to the field of rent, and registration in the program can be done through the following steps:

  • First, you will enter the Ministry of Housing website online to enter data and complete the registration process.
  • You will fill in all the fields that appear in front of you with the correct data, whether the national ID number, the date of birth, as well as the mobile number, and in the end you will enter the verification code located at the bottom of the registration.
  • You will now receive an email from the Ministry of Housing website containing your account activation number, which you will enter again through the website, and there is also a passcode that you will receive in the same message.
  • Therefore, you can log in to the site successfully after performing all these steps, and perform the task for which you requested to register on the site.

Conditions for registering in the Ejar program

There are many conditions provided by the Ministry of Housing for registration in the Ejar program, in order to organize, as registration in the program helps those wishing to obtain the housing support provided by the Ministry of Housing, as there is effective cooperation between the Ministry and the Real Estate Fund in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but even To register on the site, the following conditions must be met:

  • The person who wishes to register for the Ejar program must be a citizen of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that is, he must have Saudi citizenship.
  • A commercial register must be available for the real estate facility around which the registration is based. This register must also be valid for a period of time, and all activities must be available in the register.

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Objectives of the Ejar program from the Ministry of Housing website

There are a set of objectives for which the Ejar Program of the Ministry of Housing was launched. These objectives primarily serve citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Among the objectives of the program are:

  • The program drafts all types of lease contracts that beneficiaries need.
  • It works to establish regulatory and supervisory foundations and systems for establishments, and it also works to license establishments related to real estate brokerage.
  • Officially documenting contracts between all parties written in the contract, to guarantee the rights of the three parties, namely the mediator, the tenant, and the lessor.
  • Reducing the amount of problems resulting from disputes related to the rental process in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Ministry of Housing services in the Ejar program

The Ministry of Housing has paid careful attention to the Ejar program, as it knows very well that this program will be very popular with citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as in the recent period the problems related to lease contracts and rented real estate facilities have increased, and therefore one of Programs that regulate and reduce this matter well and effectively.

Therefore, an integrated program should have been implemented, in which many government institutions would assist, as there is a group of agencies participating in the work and carrying out their mission, and at the forefront of those institutions are the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Justice, and the National Information Center in Saudi Arabia, and at the present time there is a lot of news that It confirms that the Ministry of Labor, the National Water Company, the Electricity Company, and the Saudi Post will be involved in this mission.

Thus, we have provided you with a way to register in the Ejar program. For more information, please leave us a message below the article and we will provide you with a response immediately.