In this Wix tutorial, we’ll take a quick look at changing or removing background images on your Wix site. Your Wix website is built out of sections, and each section has its own background.

Understanding Wix Sections

  • Header: This section may contain an image.
  • Added Section: This section may have a large background image.
  • Other Sections: Even if it looks like there’s no background, each section has one.

Steps to Remove Background Image

Selecting the Section

  1. Click on the section you want to change.
  2. Click again to make the dialog box pop up.
  3. Look for the option “Change section background.”

Removing the Background

  1. To remove the background, change it to either none or pick a color.
  2. Clicking on none will show the color of the entire website’s background.
  3. Clicking on color allows you to select a specific color, like gray.

Additional Options

  • You can also add in an image or even a video.
  • Customize the site as you want by removing or changing the background image.


This tutorial provides a simple guide on how to remove or change background images on Wix. Whether you want to set a specific color or remove the background entirely, these steps will help you create the site that you want.