Have you ever wondered, “How can I replace images in Figma?” If so, you’re in the right place! This article will guide you through the simple steps to replace images in your Figma designs.

Understanding Figma and Its Features

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what Figma is and its features. Figma is a popular design tool that allows you to create and customize your designs with ease. One of the many features it offers is the ability to replace images, which can be useful for updating your designs.

Replacing Images in Figma

The process of replacing images in Figma is straightforward. You can replace an image by selecting the image fill and choosing a new image. To do this, select the image you want to replace, go to the fill property on the right-hand side, and click on it. If you hover over the image here, you can actually choose a new image to replace this.

However, there’s a bug in Figma that you should be aware of. If you have ‘Crop’ selected, the new image may be skewed if it’s not the exact same size as the original image. To avoid this, you can switch the image to ‘Fit’ or ‘Fill’ before going back to ‘Crop.’ This will ensure that your new image fits perfectly in the space of the old image.


And there you have it! With these simple steps, you can easily replace images in Figma and enhance your designs. Remember, a well-designed project is not only pleasing to the eye but also makes your work stand out.

Happy designing!