Are you a frequent user of the voice messages feature on WhatsApp but wish you could hear what you’ve recorded before sending it out? Good news, there’s a feature for that! WhatsApp introduced an update in December 2021 allowing users to preview their voice messages before hitting the send button. This way, you can avoid sending recordings with unwanted noises or words said in error. Surprisingly, this handy feature has gone unnoticed by many users.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the process of using the WhatsApp voicemail preview feature, currently available on Android, iOS, and even on WhatsApp’s desktop client and web version.

Steps to Previewing Voice Messages Before Sending on WhatsApp

1. Update Your WhatsApp App

To use the voicemail preview feature, you’ll need to make sure your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version. Visit the Google Play Store or App Store, search for WhatsApp, and if there’s an update available, hit the ‘Update’ button.

2. Open a Chat or Group

Next, launch the WhatsApp application on your device. Choose the chat or group conversation where you want to send a voice message.

3. Start Recording

Once you’re in the right chat, look for the microphone button – typically found at the bottom-right of the screen. Press and hold this button to start recording your voice message.

4. Lock the Recording

While you’re holding the mic button, a new lock option should appear. Swipe up to this lock symbol to continue recording hands-free. You’ll see a separate voice recording pop-up window where you can continue to record your message.

5. Finish the Recording

Once you’re done, tap the stop button. This will finish the recording but won’t send it immediately, allowing you to preview it first.

6. Preview Your Voice Message

Here’s where the magic happens. To listen to your recording before sending, press the play button. This gives you the chance to ensure your message is exactly how you want it.

7. Delete or Send

After previewing your message, you have two options. If you’re unhappy with the recording, tap the trash can icon to delete it. If you’re satisfied, press the ‘Send’ button to deliver your message.

And voila! You’ve successfully utilized the voicemail preview feature on WhatsApp.

In Summary

The ability to preview voicemails on WhatsApp is a significant enhancement for the app, particularly for users who frequently use voice messaging. This new feature can help ensure that only your best, clear, and error-free voice messages get sent out.

We hope this step-by-step guide has been helpful. Do share it with others who might benefit and drop a comment below if you have any questions. Happy WhatsApping!