In Adobe Illustrator, users often find themselves needing to change the orientation of their artboards. While the software offers two primary orientations, portrait and landscape, there’s a way to rotate your artboard and its content. This tutorial will guide you through the process.

What is the Artboard Orientations

By default, Illustrator provides two main orientations:

  1. Portrait Mode: This is the vertical orientation, commonly used for documents like flyers, posters, and mobile designs.
  2. Landscape Mode: This is the horizontal orientation, often used for web designs, banners, and wider visuals.

Rotating the Artboard

  1. Selecting the Artboard: Start with the Selection Tool (shortcut key: V) and ensure you have the Properties Panel open on the right side.
  2. Accessing Artboard Options: In the Properties Panel, click on “Edit Artboards.” This allows you to select and modify the artboard’s properties.
  3. Changing the Orientation: Next to the preset option in the Properties Panel, you’ll find two icons representing portrait and landscape modes. Clicking on these will switch the artboard’s orientation.

Rotating the Artwork with the Artboard

While switching the artboard’s orientation is straightforward, the artwork on the artboard doesn’t rotate with it. To ensure your design aligns with the new orientation:

  1. Prepare the Artwork: Before rotating, it’s helpful to have a shape, like a rectangle, that matches the size of the artboard. This serves as a reference for the artwork’s dimensions.
  2. Select All Artwork: Using the Selection Tool, select all the elements on the artboard.
  3. Rotate the Artwork: With everything selected, rotate the content to align with the new artboard orientation.


Rotating artboards in Adobe Illustrator is a simple yet essential skill, especially when working on diverse projects that require different orientations. By understanding how to switch between portrait and landscape modes and adjusting your artwork accordingly, you can ensure your designs remain consistent and professional.