Since the update to MIUI 12 arrived to the first Xiaomi phones, there have been many users who have been complaining about the various problems of power drain, indeed, have spread like wildfire. And is that they have multiplied the complaints of battery performance of updated phones and other problems such as overheating. Xiaomi has already claimed on occasion that this version of MIUI has optimization problems, which in different models results in a higher battery usage. These autonomy problems are much more evident in some phones, than in others, but almost none is spared. Although, with the passage of the following versions of the customization layer, the Chinese brand has been taking different solutions to correct this problem that both concerns us as users. Generally, the biggest drawback we do not find is in the high consumption of operating system resources. Something that has been tried to solve with different patches, but if you still continue to suffer headaches caused by the battery of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, you’d better take a look at these tricks to save battery in MIUI.

First of all, update MIUI

As we have said, Xiaomi is fully aware of the problems that have been generated in the latest versions of its software in many of its cell phones. Therefore, it has been constantly releasing patches to alleviate this headache. It is for this very reason that, most likely, is that the Chinese manufacturer has already released an official solution before you come across this article, but anyway, you may find here the end to your problems. In addition, if you want to receive the next OS updates before anyone else, you’d better activate the following option on your Chinese smartphone: go to Mobile Settings > tap on the About Phone section > click on MIUI > click on the top three dots > choose the Update Settings option > scroll down and activate the button Receive updates earlier.

Install the latest ROM

However, if you are tired of waiting, you may find the next update for your smartphone on this official Xiaomi page. When you are in, just follow these steps:

  1. Choose the model of your Chinese phone. And look carefully if the version that is available is more recent than the one you have on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the button ‘Download Full Rom‘.
  3. Once the download is complete, you must go to Settings > About phone > MIUI version.
  4. Then, tap on the three vertical dots at the top right and click on Select update package.
  5. Now you will just have to find the file with the new version you just downloaded on your Chinese phone. Finally, select it so that the mobile starts to charge it.

Improve the autonomy of Xiaomi

In MovilZona we have given tips to improve the battery of your Xiaomi on different occasions both in MIUI 10, MIUI 11 or other previous versions of the operating system. Today we want to focus in a general way on the Chinese customization layer, so that you do not have to put to charge on more than one occasion your phone. Before you start following any recommendation do not forget to make a backup of your important data. Just in case. After that, it will be time to see all the MIUI tricksto make your phone battery last longer.

Do not use your Mi account

It may be striking, but many users have noticed that the problem of battery drain in MIUI 12 is related to the Mi account. Therefore, if you are using your profile of the Chinese brand on your updated phone, stop using it as it is a process that runs in the background all the time and hogs mobile resources and energy. Although, if you have updated to any of the latest versions of its layer, you will see how this bug is solved. Moreover, you can do the test yourself and see how consumption has reduced, even if you are using your account.

MIUI saving mode

Like any smartphone, it is logical that we find the battery saving mode Xiaomi, as it is included in all phones that have the operating system of the Chinese firm, as it is a direct function of Android. However, we will not only run into the classic, which will make us win some time before the phone turns off, but MIUI adds the extreme function. To activate this tool, we must go to Settings > Battery and performance > click on Extreme battery saving. Although you must have at least MIUI 12, since it was from that version when Xiaomi added this feature to their smartphones.

The ‘magic’ configuration

Browsing different forums where users share their complaints, there are several who have detected a number of configurations that seem to double the autonomy of Xiaomi phones, Redmi or POCO, with the Chinese customization layer.

  1. The first step is to charge the battery to 100%.
  2. Then, go into privacy settings > special permissions > battery optimization > select everything on the screen in the ‘optimize’ status.
  3. Access the system cleaner and do a cleanup of all files.
  4. Lastly, reboot the phone. We don’t mean reset it, just reboot it from the reset button.

Disable the ambient display

If your smartphone has an AMOLED display, among the features of the Chinese customization layer you will find the ambient display setting that allows you to display the time and other information on the lock screen. Initially, the consumption of this tool should not be too high, but you can try to disable it to improve the autonomy of the mobile. To do this, access the Settings app, select Always On Display and uncheck the Ambient Display function.

Reduce system animations

One of the great innovations that came from MIUI 12 we could find it in its section for system animations, more elegant and attractive, but at the same time, require more energy. Having them activated makes the battery drain faster so it is advisable to disable them. To do this, access the native app to configure the phone, go to Additional settings, select the Accessibility options and locate the Remove animations option. In this way, get more battery on a mobile Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO.

Apps in the background

This tip applies to all versions of MIUI, not like the previous case, so it will also help you to save battery on Xiaomi phones. Many apps that you use every day do not close when you leave them, but stay working while you do not realize. To prevent it you must adjust the saving from the application of security of your mobile. Here inside it locates the menu Battery and performance > enters the options of Saving applications. Then, you will have to go selecting one by one those you want to not continue running in the background by checking the option ‘Restrict background activity‘.

Locate what spends more

Also within the section we have just seen of MIU BatteryI. It will be important that we see what consumes more energy in our smartphones. In this way, we can quickly discover if an app spends more than the account, even when we do not use it. Although, with the previous trick, we will have already avoided that it continues to consume energy in the background. Anyway, for you to see it and decide if you want to continue to keep that app or delete it, you must go into Settings > Battery and performance > Usage statistics.

Superwallpapers beautiful, but demanding

One of the great innovations that brought MIUI 12 were those dynamic SuperWallpapers compatible with certain Xiaomi phones. Like all animated wallpapers installed on any mobile, they consume much more battery than a static wallpaper, so we encourage you to go on with your life without them. If you don’t know how to change this setting on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO phone, it will be as easy as going to the system settings app > Wallpaper.

Take advantage of the dark mode

Xiaomi’s dark mode is not an exclusivity of MIUI, but it is true that the customization layer of the Chinese firm has improved its performance. Using it will save a few hours of battery every day and you can program it to activate when you want, not just at night. You can configure it from the mobile screen options, within the settings app. Here inside, if you click on Brightness level, you will find the Day mode. Therefore, this tool is responsible for regulating the intensity, even when we have the automatic brightness off.

Configure the refresh rate

Depending on our terminal, we may find that we can choose to change, depending on what we are doing with the phone, the refresh rate. However, if you did not know, we have the option to choose a standard to improve the autonomy of the smartphone. To do this, we must go into Settings > Display > refresh rate. Here, we can choose a lower one to save battery on Xiaomi.

Notification effects

However beautiful or attractive, MIUI notification effects will spend much more energy than we think. Basically, because this effect will turn on the phone panel every time we get an alert or message to the smartphone. So we recommend that you do the test and disable this setting for a while: Settings > Lock Screen > disable the function Notification effect.

General tips

After seeing the most relevant options that we can configure within Xiaomi phones, it’s time to know more options that will help us increase autonomy in MIUI. And is that, if you still want the power of your mobile lasts much longer, these tips will help you get it:

  • Disable mobile connections that you are not using, such as Wi-Fi, data, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Activate airplane mode if you want to save battery.
  • Disable the phone’s GPS when not in use.
  • Enable automatic brightness. And if you have low battery manually adjust it to the minimum.
  • Put in silent mode and without vibration the smartphone. Or, directly, activate the do not disturb mode of Xiaomi.
  • If your smartphone has Always on Display, disable this tool if you have little power left in the mobile.
  • Lower the timeout of the mobile screen to lock as soon as possible.
  • If you do not want to waste battery while you are working, studying or in public transport, turn off the mobile.