Instagram, with its emphasis on sharing photos and videos rather than text, has set itself apart from other social media platforms, becoming a cultural phenomenon.

One of Instagram’s functionalities allows users to share images, audio, and videos via direct messages (DM). Thankfully, downloading an image or a video via DM is not a complicated process.

This guide will walk you through several methods to save videos from direct messages on Instagram.

Methods to Save Videos from DM to Instagram

Originally, when Instagram was a nascent platform, saving video from chat necessitated using third-party software. When users rely on external apps for features not natively available, it signals to Instagram that an update is required.

As a result, Instagram incorporated the capability to save videos and photos from Direct Message into the app, requiring just a few taps.

Method 1: Backup from News Feed

This method is undeniably the most straightforward technique to save videos and photos from Instagram direct messages within the app.

  1. Navigate to the chat where you received the video or photo you wish to save.
  2. Tap and hold the video/photo. A small pop-up window will appear, providing a Save option.
  3. If your phone requests permission to access your camera roll, grant it.

The video/photo should now be saved in your photo gallery.

Bear in mind that downloading Instagram direct message videos can be time-consuming, especially for lengthy videos.

Method 2: Screen Recording

Another method to capture Instagram videos is through a screen recorder, a feature embedded in nearly all phones upon release.

  1. To save videos with screen recorders, open Instagram, go to direct messages, and open the chat containing the video.
  2. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the control center or quick access menu.
  3. Locate the screen recording option and tap it to initiate screen recording on your phone.
  4. Open the video from Instagram DM, and your phone will record the video!

This method allows you to save disappearing messages, provided you save them before they vanish!

Screen recorders can also be easily installed on your computer or laptop if needed.

Method 3: Online Tools

Here are a few tools that can assist in downloading videos from Instagram DM to your camera roll:

Instant Save

A staple tool for any smartphone user, Instant Save facilitates saving your favorite videos and organizing them into a library in seconds. Instant Save saves the video in MP4 format for your enjoyment at any time. Additional features include reposting, sharing a video directly to other specific social media apps, and more.


A robust tool for downloading a video, photo, or Instagram post, DownloadGram is straightforward to use and requires no registration. As an online downloader, you need to access DownloadGram through a browser.


FastSave is a fantastic program that enables you to save each user’s Instagram photos and videos. After saving these images to the gallery, you can repost them to your feed. FastSave includes a unique secret locker feature allowing you to hide your historical Instagram photos and videos from everyone, ensuring exclusive access. The app requires no in-app purchases and is entirely free!


Can I see older Instagram direct messages?

All correspondence can be retrieved from a dedicated message archive. This allows you to keep track of all interactions with your friends, including any videos or photos they sent you.

Can someone detect if I save their Instagram photo?

No, they cannot detect if you save their photo from Instagram. If you save someone’s picture, the only information they receive is the number of times their picture has been saved. However, they need a business profile to view the overall number of saves on their post.