Instagram serves as a popular social media platform for various purposes, such as browsing interesting content, connecting with friends, and growing a follower base for monetization. At times, you might find yourself curious about who a particular user has recently followed. Here’s a guide on how you can figure this out.

Does Instagram Tell You Who Followed Whom?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t readily provide this information. It doesn’t record your follow activity, making it challenging to track who someone followed and when. However, Instagram does allow you to sort your own followers list by date, providing insight into who recently followed you. But this feature doesn’t apply to other users’ accounts.

Here’s how to use it on your profile:

  1. Visit your profile and click on “Follow”.
  2. You will see a “Sort by” option.
  3. Navigate through the section using the arrow buttons.
  4. You can sort the list in descending (latest first) or ascending (oldest first) order.

How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram?

Tracking someone else’s follow activity on Instagram has become more difficult since the removal of the activity tab. The primary option available now is to use a paid application for monitoring other Instagram accounts.

Using Tracking Apps Like Snoopreport

Snoopreport is a helpful tool for reviewing the follow activity of numerous Instagram accounts. It provides the following insights about the accounts you follow or that follow you:

  • Displays their most recent Instagram activity, such as new accounts they follow.
  • Indicates if they liked something posted by people they recently follow.

Snoopreport operates as a web-based application, meaning there’s no need to download it to your phone or supply your Instagram credentials. After accessing the target user’s profile, the software compiles a list of “new follows”. The most affordable subscription costs $4.99/month and allows you to track up to two people.

Why Might You Need to Know Who Someone Followed on Instagram?

There are various reasons you might want to know who someone has recently followed on Instagram.

Monitor Your Children’s Online Activity

Ensuring the online safety of your children is crucial. Knowing who your children are interacting with on social media can help maintain their safety.

Check Your Partner’s Activity

You may also wish to check on your partner’s online activity. Reviewing the accounts they’ve recently followed can reveal new online friendships or connections.

Understand Influencers and Marketers

Analyzing the recent follow activity of influencers and marketers can offer insights into their current interests, which can be beneficial when creating content that will appeal to them.


If you need to determine whether a user has recently followed someone on Instagram or who has followed you, your memory of their follow list will be your primary resource. In desperate times, you could resort to a third-party app to uncover who they’ve been following lately. However, this is neither a permanent solution nor a recommended approach. However, when it comes to ensuring the online safety of your children, these steps could be beneficial.


Can I see who viewed my profile on Instagram?

No, Instagram doesn’t notify users about who has viewed their profile.

Does the list of people we follow on Instagram follow a particular order?

Following the 2021 update, the order in which Instagram displays the list of people you follow seems arbitrary and varies periodically, making it challenging to discern any specific pattern.