Penjoy Nintendo Switch Wireless Pro Controller is a third-party wireless game controller designed to work with the Nintendo Switch console. It is a gaming accessory that is meant to provide an alternative to the original Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

The Penjoy Wireless Pro Controller is designed with a similar layout and button configuration as the original Pro Controller, with dual analog sticks, a D-pad, and all the standard buttons that you would find on a Switch Joy-Con controller. It also features a built-in rechargeable battery, motion controls, and an adjustable turbo button.

The controller connects to the Switch console wirelessly via Bluetooth, and it can be used in both handheld and docked mode. While it is not an official Nintendo product, many third-party controllers like the Penjoy Wireless Pro Controller have gained popularity among Switch users who are looking for a more affordable or customizable gaming experience.

Sync Penjoy Wireless Pro Controller

The first and most obvious step to using Joy-Con controllers or a Nintendo Switch Pro controller on a PC is to make sure the computer in question has a Bluetooth connection.  With Bluetooth connected on a running PC, the pairing process is simple – make sure the Joy-Cons or Pro is disconnected from the Nintendo Switch console, then press and hold the sync button on the controller. But if you’ve already purchased the Switch Lite and are looking for a way to play local multiplayer games, here’s how to connect your Joy-Con or Nintendo Switch Pro controller to your Nintendo Switch Lite.

In addition, the gamepad uses Bluetooth, so no adapter is required to connect it to a PC. And luckily for those gamers who wanted to purchase a Pro controller, the Pro and Joy-Con controllers can run on a PC for use in video games.

The adapter handles all XInput inputs and outputs, so connecting a Switch Pro controller using the physical sync button instead of the PC’s Bluetooth menu allows it to function as a PC-compatible Xbox controller. Press and hold the button until the four green lights along the bottom edge of the controller flash back and forth, signaling the start of the pairing process.

The second method for connecting a wireless controller to the switch involves the sync button above the Switch Pro controller, next to the USB port. The easiest way to connect your Pro controller (or another wireless controller) to the switch is with the included USB-C charging cable. Although each switch consists of a pair of Joy-Con controllers, you can take other pairs and use them with the system.

You can connect and reorder Nintendo Switch controllers from the Controllers icon link at the bottom of the home screen. While Nintendo’s smaller Switch doesn’t have a kickstand, the Switch Lite lets you connect wireless controllers to enjoy multiplayer games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Streets of Rage 4 in tabletop mode.

Thankfully, Nintendo has made this possible, although the Switch Lite doesn’t have additional controllers. If you want to use the Joy-Con (or multiple Joy-Cons) as a single controller, pull it out of the switch and press both shoulder buttons at the same time – they are labeled “SL” and “SR.” It may take a few clicks for the switch to recognize them. Each Switch controller has a SYNC button that you press the first time you sync. Your controller might be out of sync with your Switch. Try connecting it again.

Connecting and using Switch Wireless Controllers on PC

The Switch console can support up to eight connected controllers simultaneously. You can activate “Use Nintendo Button Layout” depending on whether you prefer the A / B / X / Y buttons to appear as they are on the Pro controller (clockwise X, A, B, Y from the top) or how they map to the Xbox controller (clockwise Y, B, A, X from top). Read on to learn how to connect and use your Switch Wireless Controllers on your PC.

In our tests, connecting the Pro Controller to a phone via a USB-C cable didn’t work with native Android games, Stadia, or Project xCloud. This means that the controller is not properly synced with the Switch console. Connect the controller to the Switch console using the included USB-C cable for approximately 6 hours or until the orange light on the top of the controller turns off. If Steam does not automatically open in Big Picture mode when the Pro Controller is connected, open Steam and go to the Settings menu.

The left and right Joy-Cons connect to the console as separate controllers, so they count as two controllers if you connect them wirelessly. Our phone and controller do not recognize that the connection is not established. Your switch may have forgotten the controller and needs to remember it again.

You can also set how long the controller stays connected before disconnecting to go into sleep mode. To fix this, go to controllers — connect new controllers, disconnect all controllers and reconnect them. Rather than relying on Steam or a USB adapter to do the job, you use a shell to convert the Pro controller input to a format that Windows 10 can better handle.

If you have a PS4 or Xbox controller that you want to connect to your computer, we also have instructions for those controllers. The controller won’t turn on, won’t charge, or hold a charge. The charging cable may be defective and will not charge the controller correctly. So Project xCloud was extremely buggy, with the pause buttons dubiously aiming at the mirrored controls on the B / A / Y / X keys.