If you’ve ever used Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you’ve likely encountered the persistent notification bubble. This little red dot often pops up on the Creative Cloud icon, and contrary to what one might think, it doesn’t always signify an app update. Sometimes, these notifications are merely announcements or other information that you might not necessarily want to be alerted about.

What is the Issue with These Notifications?

The primary concern with these notifications is their frequency and, often, their irrelevance. For many users, seeing a notification bubble usually indicates something important, like an app update. However, with Creative Cloud, this isn’t always the case. The notification bubble might just be alerting you to announcements or other non-essential information, which can be distracting and even annoying.

What is the Solution?

The good news is that there’s a straightforward way to manage these notifications:

  1. Accessing Preferences: Start by going to your Creative Cloud and selecting ‘Preferences’. If you’re a Windows user, you might find the preferences option located elsewhere.
  2. Managing Notifications: Within the preferences, you’ll find various notification settings. While you might want to be alerted about app updates, you can choose to turn off notifications for other categories. For instance, you might not want notifications about Adobe Communications, Behance updates, fonts, or file syncing. Simply select or deselect the categories based on your preference.
  3. Finalizing Changes: Once you’ve made your selections, click on ‘Done’. With these settings in place, you’ll only be notified about the things you genuinely care about.

What is the Result?

By following the steps above, you can ensure a more streamlined experience with Creative Cloud. No more unnecessary red dots or distractions. You’ll only be alerted when there’s an actual update or something else of importance. This way, you can work more efficiently and without constant interruptions from irrelevant notifications.