Are you a Volvo owner looking to enhance your driving experience without visiting the garage? Well, you’re in luck! Volvo has introduced a new feature that utilizes Apple CarPlay to transform one of the screens in their cars running on Android Automotive.

Just like our smartphones, modern cars can now receive remote updates that can modify various settings. We recently saw this trend with Audi. While some updates may be minor, others can significantly transform the driving experience. Volvo customers are about to experience this firsthand.

volvo maj ota apple carplay 2 How to Upgrade Your Volvo with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Volvo’s Focus on Apple CarPlay

The latest update from the Swedish automaker brings substantial changes to the functionality of the infotainment system and instrument cluster, as mentioned in their press release. This update specifically targets Apple CarPlay, especially its navigation system, Apple Maps. Now, this navigation and guidance app can directly display on the instrument cluster facing the driver. This was not possible before and will undoubtedly make using the application much more enjoyable.

Volvo states that “other navigation apps” can also be displayed on the instrument cluster. However, without further details, it remains unclear if apps like Waze, which can be downloaded directly onto Volvo cars and don’t necessarily rely on CarPlay, will also be included.

Easier Adjustment of Driver Assistance Features

This remote update also includes other CarPlay enhancements, such as displaying information related to phone calls on the instrument cluster and showing new multimedia data on the touch screen, making it easier to switch between music tracks.

Additionally, one of the new features is the option to enable or disable automatic folding of the side mirrors when locking the car. Furthermore, drivers can now manage the driver assistance features directly from the buttons on the steering wheel.

Volvo also mentions “minor engine calibration optimizations and bug fixes,” without providing further details. Therefore, the impact of these changes is expected to be barely noticeable.

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Improvements for Volvo Electric Vehicles

This update is free and available for Volvo vehicles equipped with the Android Automotive operating system with integrated Google features. This impressive embedded software, as we noted in our review, is present in several models, including the electric XC40 and its coupe derivative, the C40. The upcoming EX90, which will serve as the flagship electric model, will also benefit from this update, as will the future Volvo EX30, without a doubt.

This update proves that Apple has made significant advancements with CarPlay in recent months, ever since the major redesign with the introduction of iOS 16. The goal is to occupy a much larger role than just the car’s infotainment screen. However, Volvo is not the first automaker to integrate Apple Maps into the instrument cluster, as BMW also does this with the i4.

It’s worth noting that Google Maps was already capable of displaying on the instrument cluster of Volvo vehicles running on Android Automotive. This is even more important since Google Maps powers the route planner for Volvo electric cars.

In addition to over-the-air (OTA) updates, which are usually free, some automakers are starting to offer paid remote enhancements, sometimes in the form of subscriptions. For instance, on certain models, BMW charges $20 per month to activate heated front seats. This practice has sparked debates and is not particularly favored by Volvo.

bmw apple carplay cluster How to Upgrade Your Volvo with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Upgrade Your Volvo Today!

With the latest Apple CarPlay update, Volvo owners can enjoy a transformed driving experience without the need for a garage visit. The seamless integration of navigation and other CarPlay features on the instrument cluster enhances convenience and accessibility. If you own a Volvo equipped with the Android Automotive system, don’t miss out on this free update.

Remember, technology is constantly evolving, and with remote updates becoming more common, your driving experience can continue to improve over time. Stay connected and make the most of your Volvo’s features with these exciting updates.