What is CopyDoc?

CopyDoc is a Figma plugin designed to help designers seamlessly integrate realistic placeholder content into their Figma designs. Instead of relying on the traditional Lorem Ipsum, CopyDoc offers a more dynamic and realistic approach to populating designs with placeholder content.

What is the Initial Setup for CopyDoc?

To begin with CopyDoc, users need to navigate to their Figma file and search for the CopyDoc plugin. Once found, it can be run directly or saved for future use. By right-clicking on the Figma canvas, users can access the saved CopyDoc plugin and initiate its functionalities.

What is the Content Library Feature?

The Content Library is a central feature of CopyDoc. It houses a plethora of placeholder content categories, such as “person”, “animals”, “internet”, and more. Users can select from these categories to populate their designs with relevant placeholder content. For instance, if a designer wishes to add a name to a text layer, they can simply select the “full name” option, and the layout will be automatically populated with a realistic name.

How to Use Categories in CopyDoc?

Beyond just names, CopyDoc offers a wide range of categories. From animals to email addresses, designers can add diverse placeholder content to their designs. For instance, if one wishes to add an email address, they can choose from fake email addresses or more realistic ones associated with popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

What is the Snippets Feature?

Snippets in CopyDoc allow users to create custom text snippets interspersed with placeholder content. This feature is especially useful for designers who want to mix custom content with dynamic placeholder data. For instance, a user can create a snippet that says, “Hello, [first name]”, where [first name] is a dynamic placeholder that changes every time the snippet is used.

How to Localize Placeholder Content?

Localization is a crucial aspect of design, especially for global products. CopyDoc offers a localization feature that allows users to change the language and locale of the placeholder content. Whether it’s Japanese, Korean, or Italian, designers can easily populate their designs with localized placeholder content.

What is the Final Take on CopyDoc?

CopyDoc is a revolutionary tool for designers who wish to bring more realism to their designs without waiting for the final copy. It offers a plethora of features, from diverse content categories to localization, ensuring that designers have all they need to create realistic and dynamic designs.


In the ever-evolving world of design, tools like CopyDoc are paving the way for more dynamic and realistic designs. By offering a range of features and functionalities, CopyDoc ensures that designers can focus on their creativity while the tool takes care of the placeholder content. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, CopyDoc is a must-have plugin for your Figma toolkit.