What is the purpose of the CopyDoc Figma Plugin?

The CopyDoc plugin, in Figma serves the purpose of managing and updating text within designs. It offers designers an approach to handling text components by allowing them to utilize Figma variables as a content library.

How to initiate the CopyDoc Plugin in Figma?

Getting started with the CopyDoc plugin is quite simple. Users need to access their file and click on the “Resources” icon. Then they can search for “CopyDoc” under the Figma plugins tab and select it. From there they have the option to either run the plugin immediately or save it for use. Once saved accessing the plugin is a matter of right clicking on the Figma canvas and choosing “CopyDoc” from the list of plugins.

How to utilize Figma Variables as a Content Library?

The main focus of this tutorial lies in utilizing Figma variables as a content library through CopyDoc. To achieve this users should follow these steps;

  1. Click on the Content Library button.
  2. Navigate to the Integrations tab. Choose Figma ( of Google Sheets, which is set as default).
  3. Make sure that Figma string variables are selected.

This feature stands out due to its integration, with Figmas variables.

To make use of the variables feature in Figma users have the ability to create and handle variables that can be accessed later through the CopyDoc plugin. For example if you create a variable called “headings” and populate it with your desired text this variable will be accessible, in the CopyDoc content library.

Understanding the Flexibility of Text Variables

The CopyDoc plugin offers flexibility in managing text variables. For instance, it recognizes multiple strings separated by double pipe symbols. This feature allows users to split text variables into multiple options, providing more variety when populating designs. Additionally, users can create single or multiple strings, offering versatility in how text is presented in designs.


The integration of Figma variables with the CopyDoc plugin offers designers a powerful tool for managing and applying text content. While it doesn’t sync variables over time, it provides an on-demand, efficient method for populating designs with relevant text. For those leveraging Figma’s variables feature, CopyDoc’s integration is a game-changer, simplifying the design process and enhancing productivity.