Is it up to you to manage HR within your company? You are the manager of a micro-enterprise and you have to take on the role of manager, accountant, HR manager, and you have trouble managing everything? We know how complex personnel management can be, and above all time-consuming. In this article, we have selected the 20 best human resource management tools to help you optimize your work. Whether you are looking to manage leave, absences, performance reviews or even recruitment, these software will save you time and increase your efficiency! Human ressources

20 HR tools to know in #Shorts

  1. Lucca
  2. Eurecia
  3. KiwiHR
  4. Wise
  6. QuickMS
  7. apptivo
  8. Ad men
  9. teamdeck
  10. Adequasys HRIS
  11. Talentia Software
  12. Cegid
  13. Beetween
  14. Flatchr
  15. Nice HR
  16. Nibelis
  17. PeopleSpheres
  18. Factorial
  19. Poplee HR Base
  20. Sigma-HR

Presentation of the field of human resources

The field of human resources (HR) concerns the management of the personnel of a company . HR professionals are responsible for:

  • Employee management
  • Company policies and practices related to employment
  • Workforce planning
  • training
  • Remuneration
  • Benefits management
  • Compliance with laws and regulations

HR managers often work in conjunction with managers and employees from all departments of the company to ensure optimal use of the company's human resources .

They are also responsible for creating and implementing programs to recruit, train and retain talented employees.

The role of HR is increasingly important for companies, as they must meet the demands of employees and customers while maintaining the profitability of the company.

What is an HR tool?

An HR tool is software or an application used by human resources professionals to automate and facilitate the management of human resources tasks .

These tools are all very different from each other:

  • They can be stand-alone software or modules integrated into a larger human resource management system.
  • They can be hosted internally on a company server or accessed via the cloud.

Why use a software for the management of human resources within a company?

HR tools are increasingly popular because they allow HR professionals to save time and automate repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on higher value-added tasks for the business.

In reality, there are a lot of reasons that can lead you to invest in HR software:

There are several reasons why it is beneficial to use software for human resources management within a company, including:

  1. Improved efficiency : to automate repetitive tasks and focus on higher value-added tasks.
  2. Cost reduction : to reduce the costs associated with human resource management by reducing the time and resources needed to perform administrative tasks.
  3. Improved communication : to improve communication between human resources professionals and employees by enabling faster and more efficient communication, as well as the possibility of sharing information and documents in real time.
  4. Better decision making : to have real-time data on employee performance, labor costs and other important metrics.
  5. Regulatory Compliance : To help businesses comply with HR regulations and standards by following guidelines and automating required processes.

20 HR software to know


Lucca is a human resources software suite, which offers features to help companies manage their staff effectively.

It is primarily designed for small and medium-sized businesses and can be used to manage a variety of HR tasks, including leave and absence management, expense report management, time tracking, and job interview management. assessment.

One of the most outstanding features of Lucca is its ease of use . The user interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for users to get started. The software is also very flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business.

The keyword to describe Lucca is flexibility, especially because the software offers several modules, depending on your objectives:

  • Cleemy : for the management of expense reports
  • Timmi : for time, leave and absence management
  • Poplee : for interview management
  • Pagga : for payroll management

Lucca also offers functionalities for more general human resources management, such as, for example, the management of personnel files, the management of documents, the management of contracts, etc.

Lucca is cloud-based software, which means all data is stored securely online and can be easily accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Overview of hr solutions offered by Lucca

2. Eurecia

Eurecia is a human resources management software designed to simplify and automate HR processes . It allows companies of all sizes to manage their staff efficiently, from absence and leave management to time and activity management and payroll management.

Eurecia software offers a complete solution for HR, via an online platform accessible from any device connected to the Internet. Users can access all the features of the platform from their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Possibility of creating a la carte HR software, according to your needs, with Eurecia

The big + of Eurecia is the possibility it offers to create your own HR software, tailor-made, according to the options you need in your company.

Eurecia also offers the ZEN solution, an all-in-one HR solution that can be used in all companies with fewer than 100 employees.

The software is easy to use and offers an intuitive interface that allows users to easily navigate between different features. It is also compatible with other commonly used HR tools (payroll management systems, recruiting software and training software).

3. Kiwi HR

KiwiHR is an online human resources management software that helps companies efficiently manage a multitude of data: employee information, absences, holidays, performance and records.

It's designed to be easy to use and set up, even for small businesses that don't have a dedicated HR department. It is therefore ideal for VSEs and SMEs .

For example, with KiwiHR, employees can easily request time off and absences, and managers can approve or deny these requests with just a few clicks.

The software also allows you to:

  • Track working hours and absences
  • Calculate overtime in a few clicks
  • Manage employee files
  • Schedule assessment interviews
  • Simplify the onboarding of new employees and the offboarding of people leaving the company
  • Keep track of goals
  • Simplified payroll management

The software also offers reporting and dashboard features that allow managers to quickly see business performance information and make HR decisions.

KiwiHR offers several solutions for the management of Human Resources

4. Wise

Sage is a company specializing in business management software, including human resource management software. Sage offers a range of solutions for companies of all sizes, which help manage the various aspects of human resource management.

Sage's HR software helps manage the entire employee lifecycle, from hire to retire . It offers essential features:

  • Managing employee information
  • Leave and absence management
  • Management of schedules and working hours
  • Performance management and evaluations
  • Training management
  • Payroll management

Sage HR software also enables real-time reporting and analytics, making decision-making easier for managers and HR managers.

Overview of all the features offered by the Sage software

It is also possible to customize the software to meet the specific needs of your business. By visiting the site, you can find a 2-step questionnaire that directs you to the solution best suited to your needs. The first step asks you, “What are you looking for?” » . You just have to tick one of the three answers offered:

  1. A simple solution to manage payroll
  2. A solution to facilitate employee management
  3. A solution to manage payroll and HR

The second step asks you about the size of your company: ” How many employees does your company have?” »

  1. From 1 to 50 employees
  2. From 50 to 2000 employees

Depending on your two answers, Sage submits the formula that it finds best suited to your needs . All you have to do is educate yourself and choose the solution you want. is a project management and collaboration software that also offers features for human resources. It allows teams to manage their tasks, projects and processes using an easy to use and customizable visual interface.

When it comes to HR, the subject of our interest in this article, allows you to track a large number of parameters within your company:

  • leave requests
  • Performance reviews
  • Recruitments
  • Job interviews
  • Budgets

It also offers customizable dashboards to track HR KPIs is designed to be easily adaptable to the specific needs of each business and allows integration with many third-party applications, such as Slack, Zapier and Google Drive, for increased productivity!

Project management solution:

Good to know: software is available as a monthly subscription and can be accessed from any web browser or via a mobile application.

To discover more software dedicated to project management, go to this article.

15 other interesting tools for managing your HR

  • QuickMS : Customizable HR software for SMBs with talent, payroll and benefits management features.
  • Apptivo : Cloud-based project management solution, with HR, sales and finance management features.
  • Ad-men : Complete HR software with features for recruitment, payroll management, time and absence management, and training.
  • Teamdeck : Human resource management solution for service companies with project planning, time tracking and performance tracking features.
  • Adequasys Sirh : All-in-one HR software.
  • Talentia Software : Human resource management software with talent management, payroll, benefits and training features.
  • Cegid : Integrated HR software suite.
  • Beetween : Recruitment platform offering resume management, applicant tracking, job posting and interview scheduling features.
  • Flatchr : Intuitive recruiting software with application management, job posting and interview scheduling features.
  • Sympa HR : Cloud-based human resource management software.
  • Nibelis : Complete HR software.
  • PeopleSpheres : Integrated HR platform with recruiting, talent management, payroll and benefits features.
  • Factorial : Easy-to-use HR software.
  • Poplee HR Base : Simple and customizable HR software.
  • SIGMA-HR : Complete HR software with recruiting, talent management, payroll and benefits features, as well as reporting and analysis tools.

If you are looking for the perfect tool for your HR management, you should find what you are looking for in this article. If you know and/or use other HR software, we would be curious to read your feedback in the comments!