Hypershell, a Chinese company, has launched a new exoskeleton called Omega that is designed to boost the performance of hikers and trail enthusiasts. Unlike most exoskeletons that are designed for professional use or military purposes, the Omega is specifically designed for leisure activities and is available at an affordable price.

The Omega is lightweight, weighing only two kilograms, and can be easily transported in a backpack. It is designed to provide assistance during the most challenging stages of mountain climbing and other activities. It is equipped with an active joint that provides impulse to eight passive joints to drive the legs. The motor of the exoskeleton is capable of providing up to 33 kilograms of thrust, reducing the user’s fatigue while carrying equipment or climbing steep hills.

The exoskeleton is adjustable to fit the legs of the user and can be attached to the upper part of the knee from the outside of the thigh. The belt that carries the electronics, motor, and batteries is made of aluminum-magnesium, making it lightweight and durable. The Omega is also equipped with sensors and artificial intelligence that work together to provide smooth and fluid movements. The exoskeleton is capable of assisting the user to run up to 20 km/h, similar to that of an athlete.

The Omega is powered by two integrated processors, which work together to follow the user’s movements and provide the necessary support to enhance the user’s performance. The exoskeleton has a range of 25 kilometers, but the user can extend it by carrying additional batteries weighing 400 grams each.

The Omega is available in three different models, with the basic model being sold for less than 300 dollars on Kickstarter. The standard model, with a maximum speed of 20 km/h, costs an additional 100 dollars, while the Carbon model, which is lighter in weight, is sold for 790 dollars. The exoskeletons are set to be available for purchase from September this year.

In conclusion, the Omega exoskeleton by Hypershell is an innovative and affordable solution for hikers and trail enthusiasts looking to enhance their performance while enjoying leisure activities. With its lightweight design and artificial intelligence, it can significantly reduce the user’s fatigue and improve their overall experience.