There are several ways to boost your passive income and achieve additional monthly returns in Saudi Arabia through effective methods that cater to different circumstances and conditions in the Saudi society.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income refers to earnings generated with little to no ongoing effort from the recipient. It typically involves an initial investment of time, money, or resources to create a revenue stream that continues to generate income over time without requiring significant ongoing involvement.

Passive income is often sought as a way to achieve financial freedom or supplement active income, which is earned through regular employment or active participation in a business.

In this article, we will go into detail and discuss a variety of ideas, including practical ways to make money online in Saudi Arabia, small business ideas, ideas suitable for working from home, and ideas suitable for women.

This way, the reader can find an appropriate idea for them or even be inspired by an idea that suits their needs by reading this article until the end and reviewing the eight ideas we cover.

Affiliate Marketing in Saudi Arabia

If you want to earn additional passive income alongside your main job without requiring a set number of hours or an initial capital investment, affiliate marketing or affiliate program marketing may be the appropriate and reliable path for you.

Affiliate marketing can be briefly defined as a marketing process in which a business exchange benefits with individuals who are interested in working as marketers for them, where the marketer promotes the products of that business in exchange for a predetermined percentage of each sale made through them.

The process begins with a business like Amazon offering an affiliate marketing program, then individuals interested in joining the program fill out an application form and, upon acceptance, begin marketing the products to earn their percentage of sales.

Many marketers have been able to achieve a significant percentage of profits from successful affiliate program marketing, allowing them to rely on it as a main source of passive income.

The Saudi market is flooded with commercial websites that offer successful affiliate marketing programs, including the following companies:

  • Affiliate Noon program
  • Amazon Affiliate program
  • Affiliate Pay program
  • Affiliate Click Bank program
  • Affiliate Ali Express program

Working in your field as a freelancer online

Many employees are able to leave their traditional jobs at companies and turn to freelance work online for the financial freedom and flexibility it offers in terms of organizing and choosing work hours.

The freelance market online is vast, and you can work in it as a freelancer or independent contractor. For example, if you have programming skills, graphic design skills, video editing skills, or other in-demand specialties in the Saudi job market, you can offer these services to customers online through freelancing websites. These websites connect clients who need services like yours with service providers like you and act as intermediaries between you and the client.

To successfully embark on this experience, you can follow these steps: identify the field in which you have sufficient expertise and skill to work, then register on online job websites and offer attractive services to customers, and then start working as a freelancer.

To become a successful freelancer, you can learn about the most important steps in this journey by reading this article: “How to Become a Successful Freelancer”. As for the most important websites for offering small services and working online, here are a few options:

  • Fiverr is a website that allows users to buy and sell a variety of services, such as graphic design, writing, and programming.
  • Upwork is a website that connects freelancers with clients who need their services. Freelancers can offer a wide range of services, including writing, editing, and web development.
  • Freelancer is a website that allows individuals and businesses to hire freelancers for a variety of tasks and projects. Freelancers can offer a range of services, such as writing, design, and programming.

Handicraft project in Saudi Arabia

The handmade crafts project is one of the most important small projects for women in Saudi Arabia to achieve a financial return from home. It allows women to feel a sense of craftsmanship while manufacturing handmade crafts in an attractive way, in addition to their interest in these products.

Good marketing and appropriate pricing can lead to very good profits from this project. This pricing requires calculating the cost of raw materials and taking into account the value of the time required for each piece. These and other details are discussed in the article “How to Price Products.”

The manual industries that fall under this project include various accessory making, khazir knife making, hand-woven shawls using the technique of trikou or kououche, handbag making, and many other activities that women have traditionally enjoyed as hobbies.

This idea is characterized by not requiring capital to start earning from it and is also easy to learn. Often, a woman will only need a few simple tools to start her project.

Here is a list of items that are needed for handcrafting:

  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • A tool storage organizer
  • Gloves
  • Ruler
  • Needles and thread
  • Beads
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencils

If you have a talent for handcrafting, but don’t know how to market your products, you can rely on online marketing and the most important tools for it.

Offering paid online courses

Have you ever thought about using your expertise in a certain field to generate passive income instead of letting it go to waste? One way to do this is by offering paid online courses. You can create a comprehensive training course once and continue to earn money from it hundreds of times with each participant.

This idea may sound exciting and profitable, but you should be mindful of several factors before starting. For example, the course topic should be in demand, and you should be able to explain it in a simple way that is understandable to participants. You should also provide real value in the course and be attentive to answering any questions that participants may have during the training.

After preparing your course in an exceptional way, you can start selling your courses either on your own website or through online learning platforms such as Udemy. You can also market the course through traditional methods.

You can also grant licenses to different platforms or marketers to sell and market the course in exchange for a commission from its price or a one-time payment.

To increase course sales, you can consider dividing the course into small units, with a separate price for each unit. The student pays for each unit independently, with the course introduction being free and the first unit at a reduced price to attract students.

To successfully offer paid online courses, you can follow these steps to ensure success:

  1. Choose the course subject: Choose a subject that is frequently asked about, or choose a subject that you know there is a shortage of content for despite its importance.
  2. Research new information: It is best to conduct a thorough research on the subject you have chosen. You may find some information that you have forgotten, and it is also important to research competitors who have covered this subject previously, and understand the demand for this course among learners in this field.
  3. Plan the course content: Determine the content of each lesson, the points you will cover in each lesson, and the appropriate level of depth for each point, while also determining the appropriate method of explanation and tools for explaining.
  4. Complete the course: Follow the previous steps in a practical manner, enroll in the lessons, choose the course name and an appropriate logo, and then watch the content for review.
  5. Publish the course to the public: Start by uploading the course to the platform you have chosen and marketing it appropriately.
  6. Update the course: It is advisable to make periodic improvements to the course to add some enhancements, clarify unclear points, and keep up with what is new in this field.

The launch of a YouTube channel

Making money from YouTube is currently one of the most important and best sources of passive income. This is because it is a passive passive income source (i.e. you can publish a video once and continue to earn profits as long as the channel remains active).

There are also several ways to monetize a YouTube channel, such as by earning money from the ads that appear in YouTube videos, using the channel for affiliate marketing or selling products to your audience, and activating paid subscriptions for your audience or requesting support from your audience on Patreon.

In addition, the idea of launching a YouTube channel in Saudi Arabia has an advantage over other countries, as YouTube values views from Saudi Arabian audiences at a higher rate than views from many Arab countries or Middle Eastern countries.

To maximize the potential profit from a YouTube channel, you can follow the following tips:

  • Develop your skills in the video industry, both in terms of content, organization, and presentation, and in terms of technical aspects.
  • Avoid copying any previously published content on the internet to prevent the channel from being banned for violating intellectual property rights.
  • Comply with YouTube and Google’s standards and policies.
  • Provide videos on a regular basis while considering the audience’s request and implementing their ideas.
  • Choose interesting content with an eye-catching title and an attractive thumbnail image.
  • Select an appropriate keyword and include it in the video description.
  • It is important to write a good description of the channel and each video.
  • Consider the appropriate length for the video, as the longer the viewer stays within the video, the more the channel will benefit.
  • Good marketing of the channel, especially on various social media sites, is also important.
  • Creating some short videos for earning money on Facebook and Instagram, with the mention that there are more detailed videos on YouTube, can also be helpful.

Creating an online store

There has been a notable increase in the confidence of the Saudi people in online shopping, which has reflected in an increase in the size of e-commerce and online purchases from e-commerce stores.

Therefore, one of the most important ways to increase passive income in Saudi Arabia is to create an online store. The idea for the online store can be chosen based on the experience of the store owner.

For example, if the store owner has good experience with men’s clothing, shoes, watches, and so on, the store can specialize in selling those products.

If, for example, a woman has experience in handmade crafts, she can specialize her store in this area. In this case, she can manufacture these handmade products herself, as mentioned in the second idea, which will increase her profit margin.

Google tools such as Google Trends and others can be helpful in choosing an e-store idea. These tools can be used to identify the most popular items that the Saudi audience is searching for and can help in finding the most suitable idea for this new store. You can also consult the article “How to Determine an E-Store Idea” for assistance.

When it comes to creating an online store from a technical perspective, there are many options, the most important of which are:

  • Relying on a programmer or a programming company.
  • Using the WordPress platform with the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Using a paid e-commerce platform that provides everything in one place for a monthly fee.

The easiest option among the three options above is the paid e-commerce platform option. Shopify is the leading platform in this field, which allows you to easily and simply create an online store with all the features and characteristics you need and a modern and attractive design.

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Creating a personal blog

Creating a personal blog can be a good idea for anyone who has a talent for writing, or has expertise in a particular field and can write about it, or even has the ability to do good research and then write useful topics.

The owner of the blog can make money through it by Google AdSense, earning from the number of clicks, as well as using the blog for affiliate marketing and promoting products that they can sell.

For the success of a personal blog, it is important to focus on good content. Google’s search engine motto is “content is king,” so it is important to create valuable and attractive content for the reader.

It is important to consider the proportion of research on the topic you have chosen to write about, as well as selecting appropriate keyword terms and considering SEO standards to ensure your blog ranks well on Google.

Additionally, technical matters such as the loading speed of the blog page, the design and layout of the homepage, and the mobile compatibility of the blog should also be taken into consideration.

To get the best possible profit from your personal blog, you can follow these tips:

  • The blog’s specialty is in one area only in order to get a distinguished ranking in search engines.
  • Continuous marketing of the online blog through presence on various social media platforms and sharing blog topics on those platforms.
  • Constant attention to blog improvements to ensure compatibility with search engines.
  • Ensuring the speed of the blog loading and its compatibility with mobile phones.
  • Adding affiliate marketing links to your pages in a professional manner.
  • Renting advertising spaces for brand logos on the blog pages.
  • Paying attention to adding engaging content that compels the reader to complete the topic until the end.

Renting a car, home rooms, or tools

Everyone needs effective ways to increase their monthly passive income for their family or as an individual, but most people overlook the fact that they own many things that they don’t use often.

For example, if there is an empty room or a car that the owner doesn’t use on a daily basis, why not rent out these items to someone who needs them temporarily?

Fortunately, Saudi Arabia is currently experiencing a great boom in tourism, so renting out these items to tourists could be a very good idea, especially after the Saudi government made this possible through the platform “Haraj“.

The Saudi government has issued a list called the “Tourist Accommodation List” to regulate rental operations for tourists. This list was issued by the Saudi Ministry of Tourism.

Saudi citizens who need a place to stay during their vacations can rent homes or rent cars or other heavy equipment that they are unable to transport. These items can be advertised or made available for rent to Saudi citizens on a website dedicated to advertisements in Saudi Arabia or through social media and other means.

We conclude our article by highlighting a group of the best ways to increase passive income in Saudi Arabia, after reviewing eight effective ideas for increasing monthly passive income.

In this article, we have discussed various methods of making money online and simple home-based projects that can be implemented to suit the needs of all readers.

In the final paragraph, we note that all of these methods can be relied upon as a primary source of passive income if given greater attention and focus over a long period of time.