The Instant Pot can froth and warm milk in various ways. You can use it to make foam for cappuccinos, lattes, iced coffee, and more using dairy or non-dairy milk. It can also quickly warm up drinks without making foam, making it great for hot chocolate and tea. It has easy-to-use buttons and a cool-touch exterior. It is also very quiet. The spout lets you pour in a controlled way, so you can make latte art. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t take up much space on the counter.


  • 4-in-1 Electric Milk Steamer
  • Automatic Hot and Cold Foam Maker
  • Milk Warmer for Latte, Cappuccinos, Macchiato
  • Capacity: 10oz/295ml
  • Power 500W
  • Black color


  • Affordable
  • Can froth and warm milk in various ways
  • Makes foam quickly
  • Quiet compared to other frothers
  • Easy to pour and create designs in froth
  • Four settings for different types of foam
  • Nonstick interior for easy cleaning
  • Made by a reliable brand
  • Much cheaper than Nespresso Aerocino


  • Not safe to be washed in a dishwasher
  • Buttons on top may cause accidental messes
  • Print on buttons may wear off quickly
  • Some sticking may occur with higher fat content milk
  • Whisk attachment may be tricky to put on correctly and may come off easily


  • $39

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