Are you looking for ways to quickly rank in the top 5 or higher on Google for certain keywords?

One option is to use the Keyword Golden Ratio, which is a data-driven method that helps you identify easy-to-rank keywords and outrank your competitors.

What is Keyword Golden Ratio?

The Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) is a method for identifying keywords that are not being used by many other websites.

If you create content using one of these keywords and your website has a good reputation, your content should rank well in search results within a short period of time. You may even be able to rank in the top 15 if your site is well-established.

What make KGR a good option?

  • Quick: It can be motivating for new website owners to get traffic quickly, and the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) can help with this.
  • Specific: The KGR can also help you narrow down a list of many keywords and decide which ones to focus on for your website.
  • Manual: Because the KGR is a manual process, the data you gather from it can be unique and give you an advantage over others who may be using different tools.

Keyword Golden Ratio Formula (Calculator)?

keyword search bar allintitle

To calculate the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR), you need to divide the number of search results for a specific keyword by the monthly local search volume for that keyword. The resulting number is the KGR.

The formula was invented by Mr. Doug Cunnington and is fairly simple: KGR = allintitle/monthly search volume

keyword golden ratio formula

If you have chosen a keyword following the recommended guidelines, the KGR should always be 0.25 or lower, indicating less competition for your content. The KGR is a metric that involves some math, but the calculation is simple.

Try this Free Keyword Golden Ratio Calculator

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