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Play as Kirby in a 3D platforming adventure game and explore a mysterious world filled with abandoned structures. You can copy enemies’ abilities and use them to attack and explore. You can even evolve them to make them stronger. Use Mouthful Mode to inhale real-world objects and transform. For example, swallowing a vending machine allows you to shoot out cans. You can also bring a friend to play as Bandana Waddle Dee and explore the world together.

Kirby is known for changing his games and abilities. In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, he is in a 3D platformer where he transforms into different shapes and sizes. This game is not a major change from his other games, but it is a new perspective on a classic Kirby formula. It successfully brings the things that fans love about Kirby into a fresh, yet familiar, new perspective.


  • Linear levels with platforming puzzles and combat
  • Dozens of copy abilities that are used in clever ways
  • Harder enemies require more strategy in combat
  • Secrets are hidden in plain sight and well-tucked away
  • Beautiful locations and use of color
  • Town rebuilding adds an extra layer of gameplay


  • Not very challenging
  • Unclear when something is a secret path or an invisible wall
  • Post-apocalyptic setting is not as interesting as other fantastical Kirby worlds
  • Boss fights are not very memorable
  • Story is not very engaging


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