The average person spends 20 years as an apprentice, works for 45 years, and receives a pension for 20 years. Despite this, many people still dream of earning more to achieve their goals. However, is it possible to increase one’s income?

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee), the median net monthly salary in France for 2022 is 2,340 euros, which amounts to nearly 39,300 euros gross per year. Additionally, the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation, and Statistics (DREES) has estimated the average pension for retirees in France to be 1,509 euros gross or 1,182 euros net per month.

With these figures in mind, a person in the middle class can expect to earn approximately 1,263,600 euros in salary during their working life and 283,680 euros in pension over a 20-year period. This means that the total amount earned throughout a person’s lifetime, including both salary and pension, is estimated to be 1,547,280 euros.

However, it’s important to note that inflation can greatly impact one’s income. For example, the price of pasta has risen 12% in a year. To combat this, it’s important to consider ways to grow one’s income, such as seeking higher-paying job opportunities or investing in assets that appreciate in value.

What are the accessible solutions to make your income grow?

Who hasn’t dreamed of relaxing by a pool, traveling the world, or owning their dream car or house? Like many, you probably have grand plans for your future that you wish to accomplish. But how do you fund these aspirations?

While there are various options available, not all of them are viable. Gambling on sports, casino games, the Euro Millions or Lotto can seem like a way to hit the jackpot, but the reality is that it’s difficult to rely on luck alone to achieve financial success. Most of the time, the gains are not substantial enough to make your dreams a reality.

However, there are other more reliable solutions to grow your savings. One such option is investing in the financial markets, which is now more accessible than ever thanks to fintech companies like Mon Petit Placement, which allows individuals to invest as little as €300 to strengthen their assets.

Many individuals may be hesitant to begin investing due to uncertainties and a lack of knowledge on the subject. However, it is important to note that starting to invest early and regularly can lead to a significant increase in capital over time.

One solution for those looking to prepare for their future is Mon Petit Placement. By investing €122 per month starting at the age of 30 through the Energetic portfolio, an individual’s capital could potentially reach €100,000 by age 60, assuming reinvestment of interest. This portfolio boasts an annual return of 5%, making it a financially attractive option. Take advantage of Mon Petit Placement’s new offer to grow your savings and secure your financial future.