Welcome to the world of Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode! In this colorful, chaotic, and immersive world, you’ll explore various cities, encounter eccentric characters, and engage in exciting battles. This guide will walk you through the basics, provide helpful tips, and assist you in becoming the ultimate world warrior.

Creating Your Personal Street Fighter

Before you can delve into the action-packed world, you’ll need to design your custom fighter. This character is not only the star of the World Tour mode but can also be utilized in the online Battle Hub. Your first stop? The familiar Metro City, well-known from the Final Fight series. This is one of the numerous urban hubs you’ll navigate, with others including the bustling Asian city of Nayshall.

Embarking on the Journey to Become a World Warrior

Your road to becoming a world warrior involves a mixture of exploration and action. You’ll complete quests, challenge city dwellers in martial arts battles, and confront unusual foes (such as box-headed thugs or literal refrigerators!). Some combat encounters even offer unique objectives, earning you additional rewards.

Exploiting Time and Venturing Globally

Master the Drive Stall, a useful ability that allows you to slow down time, enabling you to dodge attacks or catch opponents unaware. With the world map at your disposal, you can quickly move between diverse cities worldwide, where you’ll run into well-known characters and a few surprises.

Learning from Fighting Masters

Take advantage of the opportunity to train under the guidance of legendary fighters like Chun-Li. By doing so, you’ll adopt their combat styles and acquire unique signature moves. The more you practice with your mentor, the stronger your bond will become. Enhancing these relationships not only unlocks new missions and narrative content but also increases your affinity when you give them presents.

Making Purchases, Leveling Up, and Managing Missions

In your travels, you’ll find merchants selling a variety of items and gifts. You can also buy food items, which serve to restore health or provide temporary stat changes during or outside battles. Your victories in fights will earn you experience points and skill points, which you can then use to gain permanent stat boosts and unique traversal skills. Keep an eye on your main and side missions, and manage other options using a convenient smartphone-like device.

Conclusion: A Whirlwind Adventure in World Tour Mode

In essence, Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode is a delightful mix of rich gameplay and absurd humor. Eager players can sample the experience by trying out a demo that offers a taste of these dangerous streets. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the game’s release on June 2 for PlayStation consoles, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The first wave of DLC fighters is a must-see, so make sure to check them out!