When working on the visual design of a website or application, it is important to consider the screen resolutions that will be used. Given the huge variety of devices and therefore screens available to us, it is not always easy to adapt to everyone. All this without taking into account the importance of the operating systems or web browsers used. What are the most common screen resolutions? In the world ? Discover all the statistics you need to know to calmly approach the construction of your website or your application.

All data used in this article is sourced from https://gs.statcounter.com/ .

The most common computer screen resolutions

What are the most common screen resolutions in the desktop world in 2022?

  • 1920×1080: 23.1%
  • 1366×768: 18.54%
  • 1536×864: 10.27%
  • 1440×900: 6.09%
  • 1280×720: 5.91%
  • 1600×900: 3.4%

Desktop screen resolution figures worldwide in 2022

Throughout the world, the most common resolution is of course 1920 x 1080, as far as computers are concerned. No resolution reaches a quarter of the shares, so we are faced with a wide variety of existing resolutions . However, there is something that is important to specify: the format of the screens . Even if we observe many different resolutions, we can observe that many have the same format: 16/9 .

Indeed, of the 6 most common screen resolutions, 5 of them are in the 16/9 format, which is the preferred format for current screens. Only 1440 x 900 is a slightly wider format.

In addition, another precision, even if we have before our eyes the 6 most used resolutions, Statcounter informs us that they encountered more than 40% of resolutions other than these, but present in the minority. We even see on their site that this diverse share has more than doubled in the last 7 years, with the proliferation of digital devices.

We also see on the historical curve that the 1920 x 1080 has been on an upward trend for more than 10 years, which makes it a safe bet.

Evolution of desktop screen resolutions around the world

The most used screen resolutions on mobile

Worldwide, what are the most common screen resolutions on mobile in 2022?

  • 360×800: 8.81%
  • 414×896: 6.83%
  • 360×640: 6.48%
  • 412×915: 5%
  • 390×844: 4.99%
  • 360×780: 4.46%

Mobile screen resolution figures worldwide in 2022

Computer screen resolutions were already complicated enough because of their variety, and it’s even worse for mobiles. The most common resolution in the world is 360 x 800 pixels, yet it takes up only 8.81% of phone screens. This is a longer format than the classic 16/9, very common on our modern smartphones. The equivalent of 16:9 is 360 x 640 pixels. The latter is used less and less in favor of longer screens, while it represented more than 40% of screens in 2018.

As with computer screens, there is also an upsurge in “original” formats, which come out of the classic formats. More and more phone manufacturers are opting for single resolutions on their mobiles . Just look at the different versions of the iPhone 13 to realize this: iPhone 13 and 13 Pro: 390 x 844 px, iPhone 13 Mini: 375 x 812 px, iPhone 13 Pro Max: 428 x 926 px (source : https://www.screensizes.app/). While the next 3rd generation iPhone SE is expected to have a resolution of 375 x 667 pixels.

So, it is difficult to navigate among this wide range of resolution. We can nevertheless identify the trend of longer screens . For example, the 4 iPhone 13s all have a screen format of 19.5/9.

Evolution of mobile screen resolutions around the world

Screen resolutions are more and more numerous, which does not facilitate the work of web designers. Whether on mobile or desktop, manufacturers are increasingly varying their screen resolutions.