Want to earn on YouTube? Look no further. This guide provides a comprehensive, free, and reliable method for youth to make money on the platform.

To attract a large audience and increase profits, focus on fulfilling viewer desires and creating content that complies with YouTube’s guidelines. Building a following on the platform leads to more views, and ultimately, higher profits.

This guide will show you how to become a successful YouTuber and make thousands of dollars consistently and legally. Remember, creating a YouTube channel is a journey and success is not guaranteed, but with hard work and marketing skills, you can achieve your goals. Don’t let a lack of funding hold you back – this guide covers the basics of marketing on YouTube to help solve financing dilemmas for beginners.

Skills You Need To Make Revenue on YouTube

Starting a YouTube channel based on your interests and passions is a great idea, especially if there’s already an audience for it. However, it’s important to understand the skills required to make your channel a success.

While being a YouTube publisher is relatively flexible and you don’t need a lot of resources to get started, certain skills are essential to grow your channel quickly. Here are some of the most important skills to have:

Skill #1: Art of Video Presentation

The key to successful video presentation on your blog is mastering the art of speaking, reciting, acting, explaining and commenting. It’s important to have the skills that align with the type of content you’re presenting on your channel.

For example, if you’re blogging about space and astronomy, it’s essential to have strong communication skills and the ability to comment on current events in the field, as well as the ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and understandable way.

Skill #2: Videography

High-quality videos are crucial for increasing views and ultimately profits on your blog. The videography skills of the person behind the camera play a huge role in determining the overall quality of the video.

Investing in professional videography equipment and techniques can make all the difference in the visual appeal and engagement of your videos, resulting in higher views and engagement rate.

Skill #3: Directorial

Great videography is nothing without a skilled director to guide it. To truly elevate your video content, it’s important to develop professional videography skills. This takes time, effort, and a willingness to learn and gain experience. Directorial skills include montage, editing videos as well.

A good director can bring the story of your video to life and help you create a compelling narrative.

Skill #4: Marketing

Marketing is crucial for any online venture, including profiting on YouTube. As a YouTube channel owner, it’s important to have a strong understanding of how to market your videos and channel. This can include utilizing YouTube’s built-in marketing tools, leveraging social media platforms, or creating an independent blog to promote your YouTube content.

Effective marketing strategies can help increase visibility and drive more traffic to your channel, ultimately leading to more profits. You have to think about SEO marketing also as an essential method to attract organic traffic to your channel and videos.

Basics of Consistent Revenue Streaming on YouTube

Consistently follow these methods for maximum profitability from your YouTube channel:

  • Create and promote fresh, engaging content
  • Use relevant, high-volume keywords in video titles and descriptions
  • Design a unique, eye-catching logo for your channel
  • Share videos on various social media platforms to increase viewership

Factors Affect Profit Levels on YouTube

There are many ways and ideas that help you increase the number of followers on your YouTube channel to achieve the highest possible level of views. The most effective factors to maximize your profits are:

  • Audience geo-location, almost USA, UK and Europe are the highest profitable viewers.
  • The more attractive the idea of the YouTube channel, the more profit you will get.
  • Ads Relevancy to the video content, play a major role to determine profit level.
  • Higher quality means higher profits levels.
  • Content provided on the channel should be suitable for all social groups.
  • Niche (travel, digital currencies investment and trading increase price per click, while bigger niches such as cooking, comedy and entertainment decrease it)
  • Ad display method (Skippable Ads CPM is more expensive than Display Ads)
  • The length of the video (longer videos have a greater chance of displaying different ads, but this does not mean the video should be prolonged with useless content)
  • Viewer Account Type (more paid subscribers on YouTube result in higher RPM)

How to Calculate YouTube Earnings

Google pays 58% of the profits to YouTubers, with advertisers paying on average $0.10 per view. This means that for every $100 paid by the advertiser, YouTubers receive $58. Advertiser rates typically range from $0.04 to $0.21 per view.

On average, a YouTube channel can earn $10 for every 1,000 ad views, equating to a profit of $3 to $5 per view. Keep in mind that these figures take into account viewers who use ad-blockers while watching YouTube.

When starting out on YouTube, it’s important to note that profits will be low, primarily generated by clicks on advertisements or video views. However, as the number of followers and viewers of your YouTube channel increases, so will your profits.

Equipment and Tools You Need to Start Earning on YouTube

Having the right tools is essential for honing your skills and turning them into tangible results, and this is just as true in the world of YouTube profit. It’s important to note that the specific tools you’ll need will depend on the nature of your channel and the content you plan to produce.

When it comes to creating and sharing content on YouTube, some of the key tools you may need include:

  1. Videography equipment: This can range from a simple smartphone camera to more advanced equipment like lighting and sound recording gear.
  2. Video editing software: Programs specifically designed for creating and editing videos are crucial for adding finishing touches and creating visual effects.

In addition to these content creation tools, consider using marketing tools to help you promote your channel and reach a wider audience. These may include tools for search engine optimization, social media management, and analytics.

The Most Profitable Methods to Earn on YouTube

Our expert team has crafted a comprehensive guide to help beginners navigate the key strategies for maximizing earnings and elevating their channel to a professional level. By understanding the most effective methods for increasing views and engagement, creators can take their YouTube earnings to the next level.

Our guide is designed to provide the essential information and insights you need to succeed:

1. YouTube Partner Program (The Main Method)

Monetizing your YouTube channel is a simple process that starts with setting up your account as a YouTube Partner. This can be done by navigating to the YouTube Studio section of your account, going to the menu, and verifying your account.

Once you have agreed to monetization, you can then join the Google advertising network by creating an AdSense account. This will allow you to receive payments and track earnings from ads. To ensure monetization is enabled, check for the green “S” icon in Video Manager and configure monetization on each video by clicking on it.

To be approved by the YouTube Partner Program and activate ads on your channel, certain conditions must be met. These include:

  • Having more than 1000 active subscribers
  • Achieving more than 4,000 public views within the last 12 months
  • Living in a country supported by the YouTube Partner Program
  • Linking your channel to an activated AdSense account
  • Adhering to YouTube’s Monetization Policies and Community Rules

I would like to point out that the terms of the program are constantly updated, so I invite you to keep an eye on the messages of Youtube Partners.

It is also necessary to adhere to transparency and avoid using illegal methods to avoid being banned from the program. The most prominent mistakes made by beginners are mainly represented in the following:

  • Buying views and followers from microservice sites
  • Using misleading titles for videos (clickbait)
  • Posting content that violates YouTube’s Community Policy
  • Requiring followers to click on ads
  • Using copyrighted materials without permission.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a highly rewarding electronic project that offers the potential for significant returns with minimal effort. Note that success in this field requires the acquisition of key skills, such as content marketing and persuasion. It’s crucial to choose a reliable product that has a proven track record of selling well.

When it comes to affiliate marketing on YouTube, there are two distinct approaches that can be taken. The first is to simply review or suggest the product to your followers and include a referral link at the bottom of the video. This approach can result in some sales, but it may not be effective in growing your project.

The second method involves creating a professional blog that is linked to your YouTube channel. This approach allows you to increase your influence on viewers by publishing separate reviews or promotional articles that are specifically tailored to the product.

Blogging is generally considered to be more effective than video when it comes to driving sales. Additionally, by directing viewers to your personal blog, you can earn additional revenue through the use of Adsense ads or by building your mailing list.

3. Live Broadcasting and Paid Memberships

Broadcasting live on a regular basis is a crucial step for professionalizing your YouTube channel and increasing your followers. Direct communication with your audience enhances their loyalty to the channel.

YouTube’s live broadcasting service is similar to Twitch and offers a great opportunity to collect direct support from followers. You can encourage them to activate paid memberships, subscribe to your mailing list, or support the channel financially through donations.

If it’s available in your country, you can activate the Super Chat service and amazing stickers. These features allow you to communicate in an interactive and enjoyable way with your audience.

Super Chat is not a free service, so it provides an additional income stream. YouTube borrowed the idea from TikTok’s gifts feature. Many competing YouTubers will take advantage of the live broadcast on your channel to use Super Chat, as the distinctive appearance of their comments draws the attention of other followers to their personal channels.

The same applies to donations, and competition can arise between them in terms of the financial amounts, with the goal of topping the list of the best donors and benefiting from indirect publicity.

Super Chats can be moderated in the same way as Live Chat messages, and you can see the earnings and transactional revenue details in YouTube Analytics. “Super Chats” earnings are received through Adsense.

Super stickers are available for users to demonstrate solidarity with the creator when broadcasting a live video. This way, the creator gets paid less for their work.

YouTube encourages the use of super stickers, and the option is given to creators who have more than 1,000 subscribers on their channel and can monetize and get these stickers on their marketplace. These stickers are available in many languages and can be posted on other social networks.

YouTube creators can now allow their followers to donate directly, contributing to funding their favorite channels. It’s available on both mobile and desktop apps, Android and iOS, and in 68 countries.

Users have four options to choose from: $2, $5, $10, or $50 and appears as a heart-shaped symbol with a $ symbol inside and the word “thank you” in the bar below the videos. Creators can check Super Thanksgiving access in YouTube Studio and see if it’s available on their channel.

4. Post paid product reviews

Once your channel has a significant number of views and followers, you may start to receive offers from stores and service companies, particularly if you have a niche channel with reliable content. These companies may offer to send you products to review in exchange for keeping them, but it’s generally better to negotiate for an additional amount in exchange for publishing the review.

You should also reach an agreement on a percentage of the profits and obtain a personal coupon to increase the number of sales achieved. The level of profits from paid reviews is determined by the specialization of the channel and its credibility among followers, so it’s important to invest in maintaining the quality of your content.

It’s essential to limit yourself to products that are relevant to your channel’s audience and to avoid engaging in advertising that is not related to the topic of your channel. For example, if you own a channel that specializes in cooking, it’s better to limit the reviews to kitchen equipment.

Avoid advertising financial fraud services, gambling, or network marketing. These companies may tempt you with offers, but the profits from the audience will be much greater. The most dangerous thing is that it will damage your reputation and credibility among viewers, and ultimately condemn the channel project to failure.

You should not underestimate the long-term impact of these choices as the success of your channel may lead to other opportunities such as entering television broadcasting or editing professional content for third parties, such as production companies. Therefore, it’s crucial to be careful in choosing the nature of the products that you offer to the public.

5. Selling products

Your investment of time and effort in creating content should not go to waste without achieving a good income, as it’s your rightful due as a channel owner. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is through e-commerce, by converting followers into customers. The first step is to create an online store using one of the professional e-commerce platforms.

Choosing the best platform is ultimately up to you, but I personally recommend the Shopify platform as it is user-friendly and also supports the print-on-demand service.

We will discuss the importance of this service in the next paragraph. E-commerce can be exhausting when the number of daily orders is high, so it’s necessary to form a team to help you manage sales. Some people bypass this problem by creating an Amazon FBA store, but it’s an option that doesn’t suit those with a low budget or those targeting the market, except for the Gulf.

The nature of the store depends on the type of channel and the goals of the owner. Some people want to promote their physical store, while others are looking for any opportunity to generate additional income. As long as you have a highly targeted or specialized audience, you will be able to find the right products to sell to them.

You can also redesign products and sell them to the public, or create a dropshipping store to sell products directly to customers and then ship them through a third party. This method has proven successful in achieving good profits compared to the amount invested, but it requires good research to find the right products and deal with a reliable supplier.

It’s important to reiterate the need to promote products that are closely related to the niche of your channel, in order to avoid the perception of exploiting your subscribers.

6. Print on Demand

profits by promoting products bearing the brand of the channel. If you’re a regular follower of successful channels on the platform, you’ll likely notice that many of them promote T-shirts, mugs and accessories. The key to a successful print-on-demand project is having a loyal audience that trusts in you and is willing to invest in buying products to support the channel.

One way to start selling products is to design them independently, store them at home, and create an online store to receive orders. This method can be time-consuming in terms of design, dealing with suppliers and customer complaints.

Alternatively, e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Merch by Amazon offer print-on-demand services, which I personally prefer. This method involves completing designs and submitting them, while the company handles all aspects of sales, such as organizing orders, shipping, customer service, and returning products.

Although you’ll have to give up a significant portion of the profits in exchange for sales, it’s a reasonable trade-off considering the time and effort saved. Additionally, products are generally listed on the company’s selling platform, providing an opportunity for additional sales, especially if SEO settings are correctly optimized.

7. Partnership with sponsors

Obtaining sponsorship contracts is an effective way to increase YouTube profits, but it’s only suitable for large channels with a professional project. It can be difficult to convince investors and the channel must have a loyal audience and parallel popularity on social media sites. When the channel specializes in a profitable industry such as travel, gaming or fashion, it is more likely to attract the attention of companies.

From my experience monitoring content, I believe that most YouTubers do not secure respectable sponsorship contracts until they surpass the one million subscriber mark. However, there are exceptions where channels in high-return areas such as financial markets, real estate, binary options, entrepreneurship or project management have succeeded in obtaining sponsorship contracts with fewer subscribers.

Owning a channel that covers political or news topics may also put you in the spotlight of censorship and media bodies, and it may be tempting to accept offers that control the editorial line of the channel. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and weigh the pros and cons before accepting any offer.

8. Providing private consultations and courses

If you have expertise in a particular field and are legally able to offer services, it’s worth considering offering them to your followers in return. For example, many doctors, lawyers, and brokers on YouTube include their own contact information in the video description box and promote online consultations in their videos. Athletes and nutritionists do the same thing, so you can do the same in your field.

To increase your credibility, share meaningful and high-quality content, present yourself well, and share your educational background, if applicable, with your audience.

You can also create a paid course and market it directly to your followers on the channel or on one of the online course platforms. The more successful you are in building trust and communicating well with your followers, the higher the conversion rate for your paid courses will be. Remember to adhere to ethical standards, as it’s not good to mislead your audience by repeating the same topics.

Provide quality new information and help followers find solutions for a paid fee, or stick to routine topics and advertising revenues only.

9. Promote other channels

Collaborating with other YouTubers, also known as cross-promotion, is a widely used method among vloggers. This often involves making a joint video or mutual recommendation. The key to successful cross-promotion is having a similar audience size and level of professionalism.

If there is an imbalance, the weaker party may have to pay. This method is cleverly used by both established and novice vloggers, by inviting famous and popular vloggers to participate in unique experiences. This may appear as a show of camaraderie, but it is important to note that the main focus is often on self-promotion.

You may also receive many emails from other YouTubers asking you to recommend their channels or share one of their videos.

Negotiating a price can be done comfortably, as this method is popular among the YouTube community. It’s important to cross-promote in a tactful way and choose the best content to share, in order to avoid criticism from subscribers.

10. Sell ads as an influencer

BrandConnect, previously known as FameBit, is a platform that pairs creators with brands to create content campaigns. By featuring banner ads on your videos, creators can earn extra income.

It is a reliable method for monetizing your YouTube channel. However, to utilize BrandConnect, creators must meet certain requirements such as being over 18 years old, having a YouTube account, living in the United Kingdom, Canada or the United States, and adhering to relevant regulations.

11. Short Videos Rewards

$100 million will be distributed among creators of the most viewed and engaging short films on YouTube. This is an opportunity for all creators who produce original short film content and adhere to YouTube’s Community Guidelines, not just for YouTube Partner Program members.

This initiative aims to both reward talented creators and entertain the YouTube community.

Important Links for YouTube Content Creators/Publishers

1- Youtube guide on copyright

2- Official website of the content creator on YouTube

3- YouTube Academy for Content Creators

4- YouTube’s official blog for content creators

5- YouTube’s policies towards published content

I strongly recommend entering the links above and reading the content in them.


We’ve discussed the most effective ways to boost and multiply your earnings on your YouTube channel. To continue expanding your knowledge on the subject, we invite you to explore the rest of our e-commerce articles. Our content is trustworthy and overseen by a team of experts, providing you with valuable insights and strategies for success in the online business realm.