Xiaomi, a leading technology company, has recently launched its latest home appliance – the Mijia Smart DC Inverter Tower Fan 2. This sleek tower fan with a 60 cm air outlet can sweep at an angle of 150 degrees, which is adjustable via the Mijia app.

The Mijia Smart DC Inverter Tower Fan 2 features ten sets of cross-flow wind wheels, with 35 drum blades per section and 350 fan blades that cut the air flow simultaneously. This technology results in smooth and gentle air blowing, producing an air volume of 494 cubic meters per hour.

The tower fan offers three different modes: natural wind, direct blowing, and sleeping wind, which can be adjusted via the Mijia app or the buttons on the device. Users can also customize the air cycle period and speed through the app.

The Mijia Smart DC Inverter Tower Fan 2 uses a DC conversion motor designed to consume less energy, with a factory energy consumption of 1.5 watts, or about $0.093 USD. It also only consumes 1 kW/h for five days, making it an economical and eco-friendly option.

This tower fan is also designed to be safe, with a 6.9-millimeter grille and 12 V power outlet, which is sufficient to protect vulnerable members of the household from electrical hazards.

Xiaomi’s Mijia Smart DC Inverter Tower Fan 2 is now available in China at a cost of approximately $40 USD. It is an excellent addition to any home, providing efficient, customizable, and safe air flow at an affordable price.