Nowadays, marketing has become of great importance and marketing is indispensable due to the development and importance of marketing the products or services provided. It is the process of displaying and communicating information about the service and products, their importance and benefits in order to bring customers. Definition of marketing as the process of promoting and advertising a service or product and marketing it in a way that attracts customers to buy. or request a service.

Marketing is the key to success and making profits. It is the main goal and pillar of any project. If providing a service or offering a product for that is the primary goal and prelude that cannot be dispensed with.

Marketing concept

The concept of marketing is promoting a service or product in an honest way, communicating the correct information and honesty in providing the service or product, showing and spreading the reputation of the product or service and presenting it to large numbers and showing the extent of customer satisfaction with the service or product. Explaining and marketing a product that it is useful and excellent and has an appropriate price or excellent service. And an adequate price is the basis for the success of any project due to correct marketing and targeted promotion.

The importance of marketing

The importance of marketing nowadays is very important and irreplaceable. It is the basis for providing a service or product, and it is the basis for the success or failure of a service or product. Therefore, your success depends on your marketing methods in a way that attracts, influences, and attracts the customer to buy or order a product more than once. The basis for the success of your project depends on the sincerity of marketing and the correct advertisement that shows the importance of the product and service, the validity of the advertisement’s compatibility with the service or product provided, the repetition of the request, and the achievement of profits.

The difference between regular marketing and modern marketing There is no doubt that modern marketing is completely different from old marketing. Old marketing is limited to magazines, newspapers, television commercials and advertisements, but until now there are those who market in this way or in the modern way. Because of the current development, it has become marketing through social networking sites, Facebook Instagram, e-mail, Twitter, and many other programs. But most people have turned to modern social media marketing.

Modern marketing methods

The best current marketing methods Personal marketing by printing visitor cards is an important means of marketing, promotion, giving information, adding value and confidence to the customer when there is information on the card, and it is of attractive colors and gives a good idea of ​​the card holder and increases the customer’s confidence.

Email marketing by sending messages to customers Email marketing is electronic marketing based on messages aimed at increasing sales or page views, and a full explanation of a product or service presented in an attractive way targeting the customer.

Marketing through social media, including Facebook, and creating a page for followers. Pinterest, which is a platform based on images and ads. Twitter is a platform based on tweeting and posting a tweet about a service or product. LinkedIn is a platform based on posting jobs, sharing content, posting a service or a post about a product. The YouTube platform, which is a platform for publishing video, creating content, and presenting it on a channel, whether it is marketing for a product, service, or anything else. Tik Tok is a platform for posting videos and providing content about a product or service. There are many other ways to market, but these are some of the social networking sites for marketing.

Marketing through the Blogger blog and its use in e-marketing. The blog is used to reach the largest number of customers, explain and provide information about the product or service, and is used to promote a good, products or services. The blog can be linked to a YouTube channel, and it is easy to post in a blog, market a service or product, and create SEO-compatible content through a blog to publish and promote products, publish content about a commodity or product, or present content about a service in Blogger in an attractive way.