On December 30, 2022, Netflix will offer exercise lessons through the Nike Training Club app. These lessons, available in multiple languages and for different fitness levels, will help subscribers stay in shape. Some lessons will require exercise equipment, while others will not. Netflix is collaborating with the Nike Training Club app instead of creating its own content. The app offers exercises to improve strength, endurance, and mobility. It is similar to services like Apple Fitness Plus or Peloton, but does not require Nike equipment.

Netflix starts showing fitness lessons before the end of 2022

Netflix will release fitness episodes in partnership with Nike Training Club in two phases: one this week and one later in the year. The first series includes 46 lessons divided into 5 stages, including basic fitness, heart health, yoga, strength training, and feel-good fitness. This new content will be useful for subscribers who go to the gym and watch content while exercising. Many fitness devices, such as treadmills and bikes, already have a Netflix app integrated, so this content will be accessible through one app rather than multiple subscriptions. Subscribers can access the fitness classes by searching for Nike on Netflix on December 30, 2022.