Four new titles added, including a classic fighting game and a side-scroller from Pokémon developer Game Freak

The Sega Genesis library on Nintendo Switch Online receives a much-awaited update, adding four exciting games for subscribers to enjoy. Among these titles is the iconic Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, marking the first appearance of the series in the library.


Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition Enters the Ring

This 1993 console port of the first major arcade update to Street Fighter II will delight old-school fighting game fans. The Special Champion Edition lets players immerse themselves in nostalgia as they engage in intense combat with memorable characters.

Kid Chameleon: A Side-Scrolling Classic

Another addition to the library is the side-scrolling gem Kid Chameleon. This game allows players to navigate various levels and challenges as they transform into different characters with unique abilities.

Flicky: An Arcade Game Throwback

Flicky joins the Sega Genesis library on Nintendo Switch Online as a charming arcade game that tests players’ reflexes and coordination. In this game, players control a bird named Flicky as they navigate through stages to save other birds.

Pulseman: A Sci-Fi Adventure from Game Freak

Developed by Game Freak, the creators of Pokémon, Pulseman is a thrilling sci-fi side-scroller that boasts captivating gameplay and stunning visuals. Players control Pulseman, a half-human, half-digital being, as they use unique abilities to explore diverse levels.

How to Access the Expanded Library

To enjoy these Sega Genesis titles, players must subscribe to the Expansion Pack of Nintendo Switch Online, which falls under a higher-priced subscription tier. For a comprehensive list of games available on the service, visit our complete database.

With these new additions, the Sega Genesis library on Nintendo Switch Online continues to grow, offering a rich selection of classic games for subscribers to explore and enjoy.