Essentially, the Nintendo Switch is nothing more than an Android tablet with some cool controllers, so it was only logical that a classic like Super Mario 64 would arrive natively sooner or later…. may this be just the beginning!

Enjoy the best console classics with these emulators for Android

This unstoppable symbiosis between the world of video games and mobile has brought us a new chapter today, with Xbox Game Pass already officially on Android a few days ago and now thanks to the arrival of the long-awaited Super Mario 3D All-Stars on Nintendo Switch. And yes friends, the release of the 3D compilation of our favorite plumber has increased the fever to return to play the classic Nintendo 64 that first took Mario to the three dimensions, and watch out for the news, because Super Mario 64 can play natively and without emulators in between on any Android device.

No doubt Super Mario 64 one of the most important games in the history of Nintendo, and considering that the Switch is a kind of Android tablet with a cool controllers and a dock, it was a matter of time that this happened and that we waited excitedly, wishing of course that this is only the beginning of a great friendship.

All this has been born as always in xda-developers, where the user VDavid003 has taken advantage of the fact that Super Mario 3D All-Stars is not composed of ports or adaptations of the games but of three original ROMs and executed with different emulators, to make possible to compile in Android our own APK of Super Mario 64 that will work native one hundred percent. A user at xda-developers has taken advantage of the launch of Super Mario 3D All-Stars to bring us a compileable adaptation from scratch on Android and one hundred percent native on the platform the classic Super Mario 64

What are the benefits and how to compile the Super Mario 64 APK?

Well, it is true that effectively and through emulators and we could enjoy titulazos as Super Mario 64 or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Android devices, but this method will run the game as a native application without the need for the gateway of an emulator that consumes excessive resources. This app will install and run smoothly as any other application developed for Android, although the compilation process is not at all simple and requires certain skills or at least a good amount of time and desire.

To start, you will need to have installed on your mobile or tablet the Termux app, which is a command line interpreter with an extensive collection of Linux packages: It is totally free, and will enable you to read the files from the Github repository and compile the full APK. Let’s go with the guide!

  1. Install the necessary dependencies for Termux with the following command:pkg install git wget make python getconf zip apksigner clang
  2. Clone the repository you will need:git clone sm64-port-android
  3. Copy the game base using Termux. Obviously, for legal reasons you must have your own ROM and it is not provided:termux-setup-storagecp /sdcard/path/to/your/baserom.z64./
  4. Get your full SDL:./
  5. Compile the APK with the following command, the last number indicates the number of CPU cores to use:make -jobs 4
  6. If everything went well, you will see your APK in the folder build ready for installation:ls -al build/us_pc/

As we had already indicated and you will have checked, the procedure is tedious but not at all complex, and in the end you will get your own native Super Mario 64 for Android that you can play without emulators In case you have doubts, in this thread of xda-developers a lot of problems are solved, so you can consult all the information directly in the source.