A French expert has recently revealed that the PS5 may not have been designed to be left upright for long periods of time. The console’s imposing size makes it difficult to do so, and it seems that Sony may be at fault for this.

PS5: Upright Position Can Cause Damage

A French console repairer, known as “Console System” on Twitter, has recently shared a concerning discovery regarding the cooling system of the PS5. According to his tweets, the cooling system is not optimized for the console to remain in a vertical position and could result in damage to the components.

The repairer explains that the cooling system relies on a liquid metal which acts as a thermal paste between the processor and the cooler. The liquid metal should be applied in the correct amount to ensure proper contact and prevent overflow. However, he states that in many cases, the liquid metal has been moved and can damage the surface of the CPU, affecting the console’s performance. He is not the only technician to have noticed this issue.

It appears that despite Sony’s efforts, the passage of time has become the worst enemy of the PS5. The repairer is warning users to be careful and keep an eye on the performance of their console if they choose to keep it in a vertical position.

PS5 Repairers Report Increasing Number of Consoles with Leaked Liquid Metal

A French console repairer has recently highlighted an issue with the PS5’s cooling system that may occur after a few months of keeping the console in a vertical position. The problem is that the liquid metal used as thermal paste in the cooling system is highly conductive, which can lead to short circuits and potential damage to the console. Complaints from other users experiencing similar issues can also be found on Playstation France’s Facebook page.

The repairer suggests that this issue could be addressed in future versions of the PS5, such as the rumored PS5 Slim, by scaling up the cooling system and using more traditional and efficient thermal paste. It is unclear if Sony is aware of this issue, as they have not yet commented on it. However, it should be noted that there have not been a significant number of customer complaints about this problem and that official response from Sony is needed to have more information.

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