Pubg Mobile offers skins to players to display in their inventory. The game system or developers have divided these skins according to their appearance and other effects. The game has many skin types, including mythic, legendary, epic, and rare.

These mythic items can be identified in the game by the background color. Mythic items in Pubg Mobile are shown with a red background, legendary items are shown with a pink background, epic items are shown with a blue background, and rare items are shown with a dark blue background.

Mythic outfits in Pubg Mobile often include specific permanent emotes that players can also use separately without wearing the same mythic outfit.

Best Mythic Dress in PUBG Mobile Mythic Items List

We have ranked the top mythic outfits in this post check out below and don’t forget to tell us your favorite:

1. Sylvanas X-Suit

Sylvanas X-Suit

2. Avalanche X-SuitAvalanche X-Suit bgmi-pubg mobile

3. Pharaoh X-Suit

The Pharoh X-Suit

4. Poseidon X-suit

Posiedon X-suit bgmi-pubg mobile

5. Blood Raven X-Suit

Blood Raven x Suit Pubg Mobile

6. Kong Set

Best Mythic Outfit in pubg bgmi Kong Set

7. Mummy Set

Mummy Set Pubg Mobile

8. Anniversary Set

Anniversary Unicorn Set Pubg Mobile

9. Anniversary Unicorn Set

Anniversary Unicorn Set Pubg Mobile

10. Fool Set

The Fool Set Pubg Mobile

11. Forest Elf Set

Forest Elf Set Pubg Mobile

12. Godzilla’s Carapace

Godzilla Carapace

13. Ghidorah’s Carapace

Ghidorah's Carapace Set Pubg Mobile

14. Godzilla Suit

Godzilla Set Pubg Mobile

15. Masked Wasp Set

Masked Wasp Set

16. Envoy of Death Set

Top 20 mythic items ranked in Pubg Mobile

17. Killing Machine Set

Killing Machine Set Pubg Mobile

18. Arctic Witch Set

Arctic Witch Set in Pubg Mobile

19. Rock Star Set

Rock Star Set Pubg Mobile

20. Draconian Champion Set

Draconian Champian Set Pubg Mobile

21. Retro Dancer Set

Retro Dancer Set Pubg Mobile

22. Sea Serpent Set

Sea Serpent Set Pubg Mobile

23. Time Traveler Set

Time Traveler Set Pubg Mobile

24. Invader Set

Invader Set Pubg Mobile

25. Mech Rabbit Set

Mech Rabbit Set Pubg Mobile

26. Roaring Dragon Set

Roaring Dragon Set Pubg Mobile

27. Bling Set

Bling Set Pubg Mobile

28. Glacier Set

Clacier Set Pubg Mobile

29. Black Shark Diving Suit

Black Shark Set in Pubg

30. Charming Reindeer Set

Charming Reindeer Set Pubg Mobile

31. Guardian of The North Set

Guardian Of The North Set Pubg Mobile

32. Scarlet Crawler Set

Scarlet Crawler Set Pubg Mobile

33. Friend Huntress Set

Friend Huntress Set Pubg Mobile

34. Angel Wings Set

Angel Wings Set Pubg Mobile

35. Queen of The Wrath Set

Queen of The Wrath Set In Pubg Mobile

All these images of the outfits are taken from social media, huge shoutout to these awesome people.

As more outfits will arrive in the game, the list will be updated.

Do Old Mythic Outfits Come Back in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.5 and Chest Mechanics

In PUBG, players can purchase boxes using BP that contain randomly determined items, including Premium, Classic, and Supply Chests that can be opened for free using Chest Coupons. Players can earn these coupons and rare items as ranking rewards and redemption rewards.

The 0.13.5 update for PUBG Mobile introduces the SMG PP-19 and Season 8 changes. In addition to buying boxes with BP, players can also find free PUBG items in various chests such as stray, survivor, biker, militia, and raider chests, which do not require keys to open.

Players can also upgrade their weapon skins and find new styles through contraband boxes in the store, which can be purchased with G-Coins or obtained through community events.

Scrap metal from contraband crates can be used to purchase items from a scrap broker, and players can also get free clothing from new supply crates, which can be unlocked using AG.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Outfits and Racing Mode

PUBG Mobile has released Season 8 with an update, including ocean and water-themed outfits, skins, and other items like a Finding Nemo hoodie, clownfish suit, and Shark Bite DP28 skin. Racing Mode will soon be available in PUBG LABS for a limited time, and major PUBG Partners can create Racing Mode games in Custom Matches now.

PUBG Mobile is known for its cosmetic items like outfits, weapon skins, and more, and there are many beautiful dresses in the game to choose from.

To help you reap the benefits and look good in the game, check out the best clothing for PUBG Mobile. The popular battle royale game is now available on mobile so you can play on the go. After testing, we have compiled a list of cheats that will ensure you win big and become a PUBG pro.

In the game, you can test different weapons, learn how to drive different vehicles, and experiment with techniques to improve your score. However, winning the ultimate game, also known as getting the chicken dinner, can be challenging for new players.