Information about establishing a company in America

Frequently asked questions and answers about starting a business in America for non-residents

 The establishment of the company does not require the travel of the person concerned. Our office performs all necessary procedures for establishing the company, bank account, mobile number, address and other procedures

even though Establish a company in America It makes the tourist business visit visa file stronger, but we cannot guarantee this. The decision is up to the embassy employee

But from the experiences of our clients who submitted the company’s papers and a bank account statement with financial movement, They managed to obtain a visa with a rate of 90%.

The address is intended for correspondence and legal representation in front of government agencies only and cannot be used for employees

No, The address receives postal messages, account statements, bills and similar documents that can be sent to your email registered with us.

In the absence of financial obligations with any governmental or banking entity, You can close the company by leaving the company without renewal for a period of two years, and it will be closed automatically without any collateral damage in the future and in the event of any obligations, It must be repaid to close without future damages

It is not necessarily the presence of a chartered accountant, but of course a financial declaration must be submitted to the tax department for renewal and we provide you with contact information with certified and accredited statutory accountants to avoid fraud or the submission of incomplete papers by unaccredited accountants, which may cause a delay in the renewal of your annual license for the company or Exposure to delay fines. We remind you 3 months in advance.

If you have invoices, whether they are selling or buying or service invoices, you must keep them as digital copies and there is no need for printed papers, To be submitted to the tax department with the annual return

You can do this if you are familiar with the application mechanism, fill out the required forms, and have a book of accounts on one of the accounting sites

Note that the average tariff for financial procedures for a financial accountant is 60 dollars per month. We do not provide this service, but provide you with information from trusted authorities that provide them.

Any activity that can be exercised by this company, except for digital currency activities and other activities prohibited by the laws of the United States of America and some activities that need a license such as firearms, chemicals, gambling, pornography and the like, or associated with it.

And you can practice any other activity without the need for any procedure or inform the state about that, and you can know all Activities prohibited from here

Opening the company is not related to your nationality, but rather to your place of residence. Consequently, the following countries are forbidden from their citizens residing in them to open a company:

Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon

But if you hold the nationality of one of these countries and reside in another country, and you can prove that with a driver’s license or a residence card issued by the country of residence. Then you can establish a company naturally and smoothly

In Wyoming there are no state taxes or income taxes provided that there are no American employees or residents of America registered as employees of the company.

In clearer words, As long as you do not have any employee residing in America and your digital products or services are provided to Americans and non-Americans, there are no taxes, and you also cannot deduct taxes from your customers, and this is a very good point if your target market is in America

And in the event that there are products that you export to America or bought them inside America from outside the state of Wyoming and you sell them in America, Thus here you are subject to taxes collected from the end customer and paid to the state and you must keep the invoices

Of course, the bank account that you get is licensed in the United States of America and you will have online access to your account, and a bank card will be issued to you, and you can add several digital cards that are easy to control and cancel at any time. There are no fees for receiving international or domestic amounts. As for the local sending fees of 5 dollars and the international 20 dollars for any bank account in the world.

There is also 24-hour support through chat or email

There is no need, Because establishing the company and opening a bank account according to the agreement concluded with him does not require a capital deposit

Yeah, Most of our customers are from Amazon sellers in the Arab countries, with what is known as Amazon FBA

And one of the most important advantages of selling on Amazon through a tax-exempt American company is the absence of commissions on withdrawals or taxes on amounts withdrawn from Amazon, as well as the same applies to Electronic store owners  But you will need an import number for US Customs