Redeeming Al Rajhi points at SACO is considered one of the distinctive ways that can be benefited from in many ways, by also exchanging and collecting Al Rajhi points by making purchases within SACO showrooms, and it is considered one of the rewards that the Saudi company “SACO” gives to its customers in order to increase their profits. Through the Money Making website, we will learn about the ways to redeem points according to the most important terms and conditions.

Redeem Al Rajhi points at SACO

The reward program from Al Rajhi has been designed so that various groups can benefit from it, and from the points resulting from every transaction carried out through Al Rajhi, which is considered one of the smart things, which was created not only for the sake of profit, but to establish an ongoing bond between customers and Al Rajhi together for a period. It is long-term, and redemption of points is not limited to a specific region or place. Rather, points can be redeemed with more than 150 partners located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

There are many places that allow points to be exchanged for purchasing vouchers for their customers. Perhaps what concerns you most is what is the value of the additional points in riyals and how can they be converted into transactions through stores? It is worth noting that 150 riyals is equivalent to 37,500 points when redeemed at SACO.

The Saudi riyal is equal to how many Al Rajhi points

You may be thinking: What can you do with one riyal? What can benefit you by exchanging Al Rajhi points for SACO? But we point out here that you can use one riyal to get 250 points, and then start accumulating points monthly, so you can exchange them at SACO or benefit from them in any of the following ways:

  • Direct redemption of points through mobile phone.
  • Owning electronic vouchers.
  • Redeem points with one of the companies that the bank deals with, provided that you are a partner.
  • If you do not want to use the points, you can gift them or transfer them to a close person, which will amount to 100,000 points for him during one month.
  • Through points, you can donate to charitable organizations, which is considered one of the important things that the service provides.

How to convert Al Rajhi points into purchases?

We have previously referred to the reward service provided by Al Rajhi Bank, by accumulating a number of points so that customers can buy what they want according to the number of their points through the “SACO Store”, which is our topic, and in this question we will discuss the process through which you can convert points into… Purchases easily and directly, as follows:

  • Visit the SACO store .
  • Enter the phone number used for membership in the store seller’s reward program, in order to complete the purchase process. It is worth noting that this process is done for verification purposes only.
  • You will receive an instant message stating how many points do you have? How much is it worth in Saudi Riyals, in addition to the verification code.
  • The seller will ask you for a verification code, after which the points will be redeemed and the purchase will be completed successfully.
  • You may be thinking: What if my points are less than the amount I would like to purchase? You can then complete it through your landlord, or pay by credit card.

When are Al Rajhi points converted into purchases?

Some people look forward to that period in which they can redeem Al Rajhi points at SACO or in any other of their favorite stores, and most of the time they do not know the appropriate period or duration in order to make the purchases however they wish, so we have mentioned the basic points that enable different individuals to know The appropriate time for the reward:

  • Through the reward program prepared by the bank, points are placed in your account within a period of one month after your last transaction.
  • You can find out how many points you have through your account statement via:
  • You can start activating your account and redeeming Al Rajhi points at SACO, when you reach 250 points or one Saudi riyal.

Exchange and return policy for purchases

In the event that customers using points in their purchasing transactions desire, the value of the invoice can be refunded, and the exchange and return policy applies to them. As for purchases that are made using earned points, they are not refundable, but they can be exchanged within a specific period, according to SACO’s exchange and return policy.

Points cannot be exchanged for any type of technological product, and points cannot be exchanged if payment is made through the following:

  • Loyalty points
  • SACO Gift Cards
  • A gift voucher from another store
  • Qitaf STC Pay
  • Coupons
  • Notice creditor
  • Al-Rajhi
  • Offer coupons
  • Payments via Tamara

SACO terms and conditions form

SACO has the full right to change any of the terms and conditions related to the Mukafati program, even without any prior notice. It also has the right to withdraw, cancel or change the provisions related to the program or without any legal accountability from any member of the Mukafati program, so to review the terms and conditions, Members should return to its website so that they do not suffer any kind of damage.

Customers are able to benefit from the program and redeem Al Rajhi points at SACO for a period of one year from the beginning of the activation date, knowing that not activating them during this period ends their validity and cancels them directly, but nevertheless the validity of their holder’s membership continues.

Purchasing operations become easier with time, which makes us more flexible in dealing with things around us, as burdens decrease.