A recalcitrant notification that refuses to disappear from the lock screen of your smartphone? We all have one day or another, been confronted with this kind of problem. Here is a solution to hide permanent notifications on an Android phone.

What is the purpose of permanent notifications?

No need to remind you the importance of notifications on Android. These little alerts are now part of our daily life. They have become inseparable from smartphones in the same way as the camera function.

Unfortunately, a good part of these alerts turn out to be intrusive and annoying in everyday life. This is the case, for example, of permanent notifications which, unlike traditional alerts, cannot be erased from the phone’s screen.

These alerts (most often silent) appear when an application working in the background is launched (VPN, password manager, sports activity tracking application, antivirus). They are used to warn you that an application is continuously using resources in the background (including battery power).

This information can be particularly useful for managing the autonomy of your phone. Without it, it’s impossible to know that an application is using a lot of your smartphone’s battery. However, over time, permanent notifications can also be annoying, taking up unnecessary space on the Android lock screen.

Delete a permanent notification

Notifications are one of the main functions of a phone. After reading the information presented in the alert, you can usually just click on the delete all button at the bottom of the notifications pane to delete it.

Unfortunately this procedure does not work with permanent notifications. They stick to your lock screen like chewing gum and take up unnecessary space in the notification pane.

Getting rid of a permanent notification in a few clicks

There are several ways to remove an unremovable notification. The easiest way is to leave your finger on the notification for a few seconds and then click on the cogwheel icon or on the manage button.

  • Android will automatically select the notification responsible for displaying the alert (highlight)
  • Press the blue switch to deactivate it
  • If the switch does not highlight itself, you will have to look for the permanent option
  • Automatically deactivate the function

The notification will disappear automatically and forever Of course, nothing will prevent you to make it reappear. To do this you just need to go to the Android settings, open your phone settings and then perform the procedure described in the next section.

Disable permanent notifications

Don’t need to be constantly reminded that an application is draining your battery? In this case we will show you how to disable this type of alerts from your mobile settings.

  1. Open your phone’s settings
  2. Click on Applications and Notifications
  3. Press the show X applications button (X being the number of apps installed on your phone)
  4. Then click on the Menu button (3 dots aligned) placed in the upper right corner of the screen
  5. Click on the screen
  6. Choose the option Show system processes
  7. Click on the application displaying a permanent notification
  8. Disable the switch Applications using the battery

Now Android will stop notifying you when an application is continuously using the battery of your phone Don’t forget to check the battery level of your device regularly. If in doubt, you will have to reactivate the feature