What is the salary of a teacher in Kuwait? And what are the working conditions in the teaching field? Teaching is considered one of the most important fields that can contribute to the advancement of a country and it is a field that the state should pay attention to and care about the teacher. Through the website “Money Makers”, we will learn about everything related to this subject from all aspects.

The teacher’s salary in Kuwait

Teachers’ salaries vary in Saudi Arabia and are divided based on several criteria, which are:

Number of years of experience

The salaries of faculty members in Kuwait vary depending on the number of years of experience gained from the labor market or the training certificates obtained, as follows:

The salary is in Kuwaiti Dinar. Number of years of experience
600 [0 – 2]
830 3
1120 [0 – 5]
1330 5
1440 5
1540 20 years or more

The academic degree that was obtained

The degree and educational courses that the teacher has obtained also vary, affecting their salary, as can be seen from the following:

The salary is in Kuwaiti Dinar. Academic Degree
900 Bachelor’s degree
1420 Master’s Degree Certificate

3- Salaries of males and females

Salaries vary according to gender, whether male or female.

  • Males: The salaries of males in the secondary teaching body amount to 1080 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Females: The salaries of female staff in secondary education reach 1020 Kuwaiti dinars.

Based on the sector

The salaries of the teaching profession vary depending on the sector in which one works, for example.

  • The private sector. The private sector is considered to have lower salaries than the public sector, where the salary of a teacher in the teaching board is about 1230 Dinars.
  • The public sector. The public sector is considered higher in salary than the private sector, where the salary of a secondary school teacher in the public sector is approximately 1350 dinars.

Conditions for selecting a teacher in Kuwait

There are some conditions that must be met in choosing a teacher, as follows:

  • The rating of his qualification must not be less than good.
  • The applicant’s age should not exceed 45 and the physical education teachers should not be less than 32 years old.
  • The applicant for the teaching position must have previous experience.
  • Non-Kuwaiti graduates must be appointed from Teacher Training Colleges. They have to pass the tests and personal interviews conducted, and no one is exempted.
  • Only non-Kuwaiti males are accepted, specifically those holding a science qualification from the Basic Education University of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, which is located inside Kuwait.
  • The teacher does not apply for the job until all documents are available and all conditions are met.
  • The original versions of the obtained certificates and training courses are to be presented, and they must be stamped by the Kuwaiti cultural attaché for the certificate acquired from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • There must be a preliminary approval book for workers in private schools or the private sector, which must be accredited by the sponsor, and the sponsor’s signature must be present.
  • The disclosure of grades and academic qualifications must be officially closed by the official authorities and cultural offices in Kuwait.
  • There must be an equivalence from the Supreme Council of Private Universities for the certificates issued by private universities.
  • Existence of a number of modern 6*4 pictures.
  • There must be a match between the teacher’s profession, qualifications, and experience with the job he wants to apply for.
  • The applicant must successfully pass the personal interview and then review the human resources department for selection of educational qualifications, and then submit all his documents and deliver his high qualification letter.
  • If the worker is non-Kuwaiti, a copy of the passport and identity card must be brought. The passport must be valid and usable for no less than 3 years.
  • If the teacher passes the test and succeeds in it, he must present a document proving his good conduct and behavior, which should be certified and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Kuwaiti Embassy.

The categories that do not require experience to apply

There are some categories of teachers that do not require experience to get a teaching job in Kuwait, and they are:

  • The teachers who are graduates of colleges in Kuwait, specifically from the basic education colleges who graduated from the University of Applied Education and Training in Kuwait.
  • The professors who have obtained a university degree with a very good grade or higher, in addition to obtaining a scientific degree, which is a doctorate.
  • Teachers who have received an overall excellence rating.
  • A letter of introduction from non-Kuwaiti worker and teacher training colleges must be present, and they must pass the test, however, there are some exceptions.
  • The priority of acceptance is for Kuwaitis and members of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries without specifying any of their nationalities.

The documents required to apply for education jobs

Some documents must be provided in the application file, which are:

  • The civil ID card of the teacher applying for the job.
  • Diplomatic passport.
  • Two faces, two personalities.
  • The academic certificates and course certificates you have obtained that are stamped by your education zone or examination monitoring and student affairs.
  • The father’s passport, the student, and the presence of a document photo.
  • The diplomatic identity of the applicant.
  • The educational certificate obtained or its equivalent from other certificates.
  • The two civil ID cards belonging to the father and son, and a copy of the original document must be available.
  • Existence of the original birth certificate and a copy of it.
  • A document to prove the father and a copy of this document.
  • The original marriage contract and a copy of it.
  • Proof of the mother’s original nationality and a copy of it must be provided.
  • A certificate for whom it may concern from the school it was obtained from.
  • The original certificate of good conduct for the Saudi applicant is issued from the region.

How to apply for education jobs in Kuwait

After we have learned about the teacher’s salary in Kuwait, there are a number of steps that can be taken to apply for teaching jobs, which are:

  1. Apply for the jobs that are available for teachers. Here The text provided doesn’t seem to contain any sentence in a foreign language to translate to English. Please provide the appropriate text.
    راتب المدرس في الكويت
  2. Then, create an account and enter your username and password.
  3. The email is placed in its designated field.
  4. After that, a text message will be sent to your phone once the previous steps are completed.
  5. Then, after that, you proceed to log in to the site.
  6. Press to download the data and upload all your documents clearly, accurately, and correctly.
  7. Then after that, press send and confirm the application.

Rare specializations in Kuwait

Despite the fact that there are many specializations in Kuwait that lack teachers due to a lack of experience, among them are:.

  • Physics specialization.
  • Chemistry.
  • The Arabic language.
  • English language.
  • Biology.
  • Geology.
  • The French language.
  • Sciences.
  • Mathematics.

The problems facing the education sector in Kuwait

The education sector in Kuwait suffers from numerous problems that are no less important than those faced by many other countries in their education sector. It is necessary to find a solution for these issues in order to improve the education sector in Kuwait, as follows:

  • Despite the large spending in the education sector, the salaries and wages of those working in the education body are high, which does not allow any opportunity for development.
  • The academic achievement of male students is extremely low compared to females, which has led to a higher failure rate among male students than females.
  • The actual number of teaching hours carried out by the teacher in training for students in Kuwaiti government schools is less, which contradicts the prescribed number of official working hours in the schools.
  • The increase in private education, which has risen by more than a third compared to public education, is something that Kuwaitis have shown interest in.
  • Dropping out of education after middle school because it is considered the end of compulsory education, especially for males, and heading to the labor market.
  • The general education system in Kuwait is failing, and the proof of this is the flight of teachers to private schools, the proportion of which has significantly increased in Kuwait.
  • The inadequate training of teachers, which results in a problem in conveying information to students so they can understand it.

After learning about everything related to a teacher’s salary in Kuwait, we must care about it and their conditions and strive to improve them because a teacher is considered one of the important individuals in building generations who in turn play a role in building and developing the nation. Therefore, we must prioritize their needs.