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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S-View Flip Cover, Protective Phone Case, Tap Control, Cutting Edge Design, US Version, Black, (EF-ZS908CBEGUS)

  • The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S-View Flip Cover is a protective phone case with a cutting edge design.
  • The cover has a display size of 6.8 inches, allowing you to stay on top of alerts and notifications without opening the cover.
  • Icons on the cover keep you informed of important information like text messages, battery life, and the time.
  • The cover also has easy tap control, allowing you to use your smartphone without touching the screen.
  • You can perform basic functions like answering or rejecting calls and pausing your music by simply touching the cover.
  • The S-View Flip Cover also features a clear strip along the side, allowing your phone to peek out and adding a sleek touch to the design.
  • The case protects your phone from all sides, with the flip cover on the front and a case on the back.
  • The cover fits snugly to secure the exterior parts of your phone, such as the camera and buttons.


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