Have you ever wanted to send an empty message on WhatsApp? If you think it’s impossible, think again. By using blank characters, hidden characters, and space characters, you can achieve just that. They may look like spaces, but these Unicode characters have the potential to add a fun and cool twist to your WhatsApp chats.

What is Unicode?

Before delving into the steps, let’s understand what Unicode is. Unicode is a universal character encoding standard that assigns unique codes for every character and symbol from all languages around the world. It is the only encoding standard that supports all languages, making it vital for technologies like XML, Java, JavaScript, and LDAP.

Two common implementations of Unicode are UTF-8, where each symbol is represented by one to four bytes, and UTF-16, where each symbol is represented by a two-byte code.

What are Blank Characters?

Blank characters, invisible characters, and space characters are Unicode characters that look like spaces but are actually different. They can be used when you want to represent an empty space without using a space, for example, sending an empty message or setting an empty form value.

In many Windows applications, you can insert a non-breaking space/blank character by holding down the “Alt” key, typing 255 on the numeric keypad, then releasing the β€œAlt” key.

What is an Invisible Character?

An invisible character, as the name suggests, is a white space. It is used to represent a space and send an empty message. The system detects the empty character, but it is invisible to the viewer. They are used to send an empty message or set a form value to empty.

There are several invisible characters you can use, as outlined below:

  • U+0020: Space
  • U+00A0: No-Break Space
  • U+ 2000: In Quad
  • U+2001: Em Quad
  • U+2002: In Space
  • U+2003: Em Space
  • U+2004: Three-Per-Em Space
  • U+2005: Four-Per-Em Space
  • U+2006: Six -Per-Em Space
  • U+2007: Figure Space
  • U+2008: Punctuation Space
  • U+2009: Thin Space
  • U+200A: Hair Space
  • U+2028: Line Separator
  • U+205F: Medium Mathematical Space
  • U+3000: Ideographic Space

How to Send a Blank Message on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp users are always looking for new and exciting ways to communicate, and sending an empty message is certainly one of them. It’s surprisingly simple:

  1. Visit this reversecase.com website page.
  2. Press the “Copy” button.
  3. Open WhatsApp and paste the copied blank character into the message field.
  4. Press “Send”.

Your empty message is now on its way!

Why Use an Invisible Text Generator?

An invisible text generator can help you send blank messages easily. These tools do not require any installation or registration. They generate invisible text, allowing you to copy and paste it anywhere without any obstacles. They offer a test option to check the generated empty space, and best of all, they are free to use!

These invisible characters can be used to create unique usernames for your social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram, or for games like Fortnite RPG and PUBG. They can also be used on various social media platforms and commercial mobile applications.

So, there you have it. You can now surprise your friends by sending blank messages on WhatsApp or even create unique usernames on various platforms. Try it out today, and add some excitement to your digital conversations!