Spanish author and member of the Royal Spanish Academy, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, is well known for his expertise in historical novels set in the most controversial periods of Spanish history. His attention to detail and ability to communicate historical facts in a way that’s understandable to those less educated in history is what makes him stand out.

But, there’s another side to the famous author. Pérez-Reverte, like many others, turned to video games during the pandemic to pass the time. On Twitter, he revealed his passion for strategy and simulation games, including Call of Duty, Close Combat, Scourge of War: Waterloo, and the Total War series. However, one game stands out as his favorite, Silent Hunter III, which is currently available on Steam at a discounted price.

Silent Hunter 3

Silent Hunter III, a simulation game set in World War II, is considered one of the best games in the genre. It accurately simulates the experience of commanding a German U-boat in the Atlantic and the English Channel. The game’s authenticity and attention to detail are unparalleled, from the sound of the waves to the ship’s behavior and how it must be adjusted for combat.

Although there have been several attempts to recreate the passion for submarine simulations in recent years, including the indie game UBOOT, none have succeeded in recreating the feeling of being one of the many hunters operating in the Western European waters during the war.

Pérez-Reverte’s love for Silent Hunter III is not surprising. The game has an immense amount of realistic details and is challenging without requiring lightning-fast reflexes. The game is on sale on Steam for a fraction of its original price, and fans of simulation games should not miss the opportunity to play this classic game.