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Race across five large islands and discover secrets, side quests, puzzles, and more. Unlock Cyber Space levels with 3D platforming and challenges. Use new battle system and skill tree upgrades to defeat enemies. Play as Sonic and uncover the mysteries of an ancient civilization.


  • gameplay has a fast pace and is fun for the most part
  • allows players to go fast and embrace momentum
  • large islands to explore with challenges and platforming sections
  • mini-boss battles and steel structures add variety
  • memory tokens push the story forward
  • new battle system and skill tree upgrades
  • Cyber Space levels provide new challenges
  • cute stone figurines to collect


  • gameplay becomes less intuitive as the game progresses
  • sometimes only one route is available to a location
  • convoluted narrative with fan-service-laden dialogue
  • Koco segments can be confusing
  • Sonic’s new companion character is underdeveloped
  • platforming can be imprecise
  • camera can be a problem in tight spaces


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