Sony’s upcoming Xperia 10 V smartphone has been leaked in its first renders, revealing that the company is sticking to its signature design language. While the phone has not undergone any significant design changes, it is expected to come with updated hardware and software.

Design Philosophy and Aesthetic

Sony has been praised for its Xperia line’s design and construction quality, and it appears that the company’s design team is not looking to make any significant alterations. The Xperia 10 V maintains its Ambient Flow design language, first introduced in 2018, which focuses on symmetry and recognizability. Sony continues to favor this aesthetic, making their smartphones some of the best designed and constructed in the industry.

Xperia 10V:

Hardware and Features

It is still early to discuss the hardware specifications of the Xperia 10 V, but early reports suggest that it will feature three vertical sensors on the back of the phone. The camera configuration will likely remain the same as previous Xperia models, and the phone will have a fingerprint sensor located on the right side of the phone for ease of use.

Sony will not be changing its approach to connectivity, with the phone retaining the standard headphone jack and a USB Type-C port. The screen will reportedly be entirely flat, which will please many users.

Xperia 10V:


While Sony has not made any significant design changes, the Xperia 10 V is expected to come with updated software and hardware. Fans of Sony’s design aesthetic will find this phone appealing, as it maintains the company’s signature style. The new Xperia is set to release in May 2023, and we will be keeping a close eye on its progress.

Xperia 10V: