The social network Spill, created by former Twitter employees, is set to launch as a new alternative to Twitter. This team of ex-workers were impacted by the November layoffs orchestrated by Elon Musk after he took control of the company.

Spill promises to deliver what Twitter has fallen short of over the years. With over 60,000 sign-ups already and a successful fundraising effort of almost 2.75 million dollars from various investors, this small team of less than ten employees is gearing up for a promising launch.

Spill will pay creators for their viral content

Instead of tweets, users will post “spills” and be able to interact with other people’s

According to their creators, Spill will offer a live news feed, where users will be able to post content in the form of “Spills” (their alternative to tweets). These Spills may contain text, images, GIFs or videos. In addition, creators will be able to monetize those “Spills” that go viral, using blockchain technology to automatically credit the original creator and reward them automatically. Despite this, its creators assure that the social network will remain out of cryptocurrencies and other types of virtual tokens.

Regarding the moderation of the content, it has been revealed that they will use artificial intelligence models aimed at improving the management of user comments. On the other hand, the company intends to focus on rewarding those minority creators who are often overlooked, both inside and outside the United States.

It is expected that the SPILL’s alpha program begins during the first quarter of this year. Those who want to save a place in the social network can reserve their username through the form available on the SPILL website.

At the moment, no more information has been given about the Spill app, although a video has been shared showing the interface of the social network. This will be very different from Twitter in terms of aesthetics, although it will retain some essential elements.