Spotify, the most popular music streaming service today, has announced a major change in its history with the introduction of a new interface that will enhance music and podcast recommendations. The Swedish platform has been expanding its content to include not only music but also podcasts and audiobooks, and it aims to become more than just a music-listening application.

The new Spotify: A dynamic and interactive experience

The new interface, unveiled at the Stream On event, will feature a vertical feed, much like TikTok, for the Music and Podcasts categories. The Home page will appear similar to the old design, but when you navigate to any content category, you will see a new vertical feed of short videos of songs, podcast episodes, or audiobooks.

For instance, if you click on the Music section, you will see the latest albums and playlists listened to, followed by a series of short videos with music recommendations that play automatically as a preview. You can scroll through the videos vertically, just like TikTok or Instagram Reels, until you find something you like.

When you find something you like, you can tap on it to continue listening to the song from where the preview stopped. You can also save it to listen to it later or share it with your friends. The new design aims to appeal to young users who are hooked on TikTok.

Making audio discovery easier than ever

According to Spotify’s press release, the new strategy aims to provide better ways for the next generation of listeners to try audio before fully immersing themselves in it. The platform’s advanced recommendations, focus on visual canvases, and completely new and interactive design are all intended to make discovering new audio easier than ever and help users find their next favorite artist, podcast, or book.

Spotify has been known for its music streaming services, and with this significant update, it hopes to become a destination for all kinds of audio content. The new interface will be rolled out gradually to all users, and it promises to revolutionize the way we discover and listen to audio content.