Every now and then, game titles hit the market that are truly astonishing. They change the way we perceive the medium and keep us hooked for months. This is the case with “Into the Breach,” a game that consistently presents dilemmas and choices unmatched by other video games. Recently, it has made its way to our mobile phones and has proven to be incredibly engaging.

It is the best strategy game on Netflix, making it free for subscribers of the platform and part of Netflix’s extensive gaming catalog.

Into the Breach, a true indie gem

Civilization is on the brink of collapse due to an alien threat. Players take command of the most capable team aboard powerful mechs to face this threat in a game with a highly interesting turn-based strategy system. Set in a fully cyberpunk and dystopian environment, our robots are the only ones standing between humanity’s annihilation on Earth.

The game is essentially a board where we deploy our troops, and enemies will besiege us. We have the ability to choose our squad of pilots and adapt to the changes that enemies undergo during combat. Enemies will learn from us and constantly put us in tight spots. Additionally, we must defend civilian facilities that will help repair our mechs and allow for some upgrades.

The title was already a massive success in the past. Prestigious outlet PCGamer named it “Ultimate Game of the Year 2018” for its value in creating a game of this caliber and adapting it to the current market where other genres tend to fit better. Now, adapted for mobile control, it’s as addictive as ever and a true time-killer. Moreover, it was updated last year with numerous new additions.

In summary, you’ll love this game if:

  • You enjoy turn-based strategy games like XCOM.
  • You’re looking for a game far removed from typical mobile game concepts. In other words, this title isn’t a game-as-a-service.
  • You like roguelike games.
  • You expect a game to provide many hours of addictive gameplay, not just repetitive activities.

The game has a dystopian and post-apocalyptic feel reminiscent of Highwater, an aquatic adventure game set in a devastated world with a significant RPG component.

You can download and play “Into the Breach” on both Android and iOS: