Capcom has revealed the post-release content plan for Street Fighter 6, which will include an impressive roster of new characters released throughout the first year of the game. This ambitious plan aims to enrich the gaming experience for fans of the series.

Expanding the World of Street Fighter

Shuhei Matsumoto, the game’s executive producer, discussed the importance of character diversity during the Street Fighter 6 Showcase livestream. He emphasized that the unique fighting styles of characters from around the world are what makes the game so appealing. Capcom aims to continue introducing new characters every year, starting with the launch of Street Fighter 6.

First-Year DLC Characters Revealed

In the first year following the game’s release, players can expect four new characters to join the Street Fighter 6 roster: Rashid, A.K.I., Ed, and Akuma.

  • Rashid: Debuted in Street Fighter V, Rashid will be available in summer 2023.
  • A.K.I.: An entirely new character arriving in fall 2023.
  • Ed: First appeared in Street Fighter IV, but became playable in Street Fighter V. Ed will join the roster in early 2024.
  • Akuma: The Great Demon first appeared in Super Street Fighter II Turbo and will be added to Street Fighter 6 in spring 2024.

These characters will also be featured in the World Tour, a single-player RPG-inspired story mode that provides players with an in-depth look at their backgrounds.

Deluxe and Ultimate Editions Include Year 1 Characters

Players who purchase the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions of Street Fighter 6 will receive the first-year characters as part of their bundle. The game is set to release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PC on June 2.