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Play Super Mario 3D World solo or with friends. Choose from different characters and collect Green Stars and power-ups as you run and climb through colorful courses. Play with friends locally or online to reach the goal of each stage. The Nintendo Switch version has improved speeds and more features. In Bowser’s Fury, explore Lake Lapcat, collect Cat Shines, and defeat Bowser.


  • Unique gameplay twists in each level
  • Good variety of power-ups
  • Stands alone micro-challenges
  • Beautiful, vibrant environments
  • Cat suit animations are well-done
  • Bowser’s Fury has an interesting central hook


  • Gameplay feels awkward in the presentation
  • Transitions between levels lack excitement
  • Some unbalanced difficulty and frustrating level design
  • The Super Leaf power-up is underwhelming
  • Bowser’s Fury feels like a missed opportunity
  • Repetitive music in Bowser’s Fury

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