Elon Musk is once again making headlines, this time with rumors of a possible Tesla Pi Phone. As the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, Musk’s recent controversial decisions with Twitter’s two-factor authentication have sparked the public’s interest. However, rumors of a Tesla phone have been circulating since his public spat with Google and Android. While no official word has been given, speculation regarding the price and specifications of the Tesla Pi Phone is rife.

Elon Musk OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED Tesla Phone Model Pi Is FINALLY Here! - YouTube

Possible technical specifications of the Tesla Pi Phone

Although nothing is officially confirmed, Tech Advisors reports that the Tesla Pi Phone will feature revolutionary connectivity through Starlink, allowing for full internet access using SpaceX’s internet service. With Starlink being one of the most successful projects of SpaceX, providing internet to remote areas through satellites, integrating this technology into a phone would be groundbreaking. Additionally, the phone is rumored to be capable of recharging itself through the solar panels on its rear, which is a technology not currently available on any mainstream smartphones.

Possible Integration with Neuralink

Rumors also suggest that the Tesla Pi Phone will integrate with Neuralink technology, which involves inserting a smartphone-like device into the brain. However, this technology is still in its early stages of development, and it remains unclear whether it will be included in the phone’s specifications.

Possible release date and price of the Tesla Pi Phone

It is difficult to predict when the Tesla Pi Phone will be released, but rumors suggest it could be available as early as December 2023. As for its price, DealNTech reports it could be sold for between $800 and $1200. However, given Musk’s statement in 2020 that “watches and smartphones are a technology of the past” and that Neuralink is the future, some believe the Tesla Pi Phone may never be released.

The Future of the Tesla Pi Phone

The potential release of the Tesla Pi Phone has created a buzz, with many experts and consumers eagerly anticipating its launch. However, it remains to be seen whether the Tesla Pi Phone will live up to its hype or will be just another rumor.