Digitization is gaining ground day by day in communication, commerce and information, such as QR codes. Still called response code, the QR code is a kind of matrix barcode that delivers specific information on a product or a given service. If it has been recognized since 2000 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as a great international standard, the QR code is everywhere nowadays.

There are specific devices designed to read this information, but it is now possible to read it from an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Thus, you can find on Play Store and App Store many applications (paid and free) for scanning QR codes and barcodes. Here is why, we have selected for you the 7 best free QR code scanners for Android and iOS.


1- ShopSavvy

QR Code Reader and Scanner ShopSavvy is an app that you can use to scan all kinds of two-dimensional barcodes from your iPhone or Android. In fact, this application can be used as a barcode scanner, QR reader, Fast Scanner or even UPC scanner. With this application, you will have an ease to scan and print QR codes, share codes via SMS, email, social networks and sites. ShopSavvy is an all-in-one application. It allows you to save your scanning history, create your own QR code and even search via Spotlight.

2- QR code reader&QR code Scanner

This QR code reader&QR code Scanner from Scan is now among the best barcode scanning apps available for Android devices. A simple download of the app is more than enough for you to scan barcodes directly. It is an application that recognizes the most popular QR codes of the moment such as UPC, EAN and ISBN.

With this reader, you can easily and quickly access all the information about a product or service. The scanning is done here from the smartphone’s camera. It should be noted that this application is not able to read QR codes online especially during online shopping. Moreover, the application may not work on older smartphones due to resolution and other issues that could disrupt the scanning process.

3- Kaspersky QR Scanner

This is one of the best QR code and barcode scanners available for iOS and Android systems. As you can imagine, this reader is developed by Kaspersky, a leading cybersecurity company in the world. It features a smart QR reader that can read images, text and links as well. With Kaspersky QR Scanner the user enjoys perfect security, as the reader has a warning that alerts you if the code contains a virus or keeps a history of all your scans.

Note that this reader stores all the information on the smartphone so that the user can access it later if needed. This application remains one of the best barcode and QR code scanners you can use on your phone whether it is licensed for Android or iOS.

4- Trend Micro QR Scanner

Like Kaspersky QR Scanner, Trend Micro QR Scanner is an application that offers its users a perfect scan accompanied by protection. In fact, it builds a security layer that checks all scanned links and blocks all phishing or malicious sites. Unlike its competitors, Trend Micro QR Scanner checks every URL and only opens sites that do not have malware.

This reader is equipped with an intelligent scan that can scan all kinds of barcodes. Thus, it is able to present the user with online prices, reviews and a price comparison. Its operation mode is quite fast. It keeps the history of your scans so that you can consult them at any time. The information obtained can be shared by messaging and even on social networks.

5- QuickMark

Barcode Scanner QuickMark is an excellent barcode scanning application that can be used on both iPhone and Android. It is an application that allows the automatic scanning of several formats of QR codes from a smartphone. Thus, with this reader, users can easily read Quick Code, Data Matrix, Code39, Code128, QR Code, Interleaved 2of5 and EAN 8/13 to access websites, browse maps or even add contacts.

Apart from these scanning and sharing features, the Barcode Scanner QuickMark also allows you to customize your own QR code with a built-in QR generator. Moreover, this reader allows you to do multiple barcode scans and save them for future reference.

6- InShot, free QR code reader, QR scanner

InShot is both QR Code Reader, QR Scanner and Barcode Scanner free available only for Android users. It is a reader that you can use to read the most popular QR codes and barcodes of the moment such as UPC-A, Code 93, Maxi code, Codabar, Data Matrix, EAN-8, Code 39 and many others. Once the scan is done, the application offers the user several options that allow him to search for products online, connect to Wi-Fi without putting a password or visit websites.

In addition, this reader has a price barcode scanner functionality through which the user can know the price of the items and even compare them directly online. It is also capable of scanning promotional codes in order to avail discounts in stores.

7- QR Droid Private

QR Droid Private barcode scanner is among the top rated QR code readers on Play Store. Developed by DroidLa, this application has a simple and intuitive interface with a variety of features. It is capable of reading and scanning all types of codes, whether printed or inverted.

With such a reader, the user can scan QR, EAN, UPC, Data Matrix and other codes. He can also compare the prices of the items offered on the online sales sites. And that’s not all! It is an application that gives the possibility to follow videos and listen to music or access all kinds of content from a smartphone via QR codes and others. The major advantage of this application is that it is free for both systems (iOS and Android).


Can I create my own QR codes using any of these QR code scanner apps?

Yes, some QR code scanner apps allow you to create your own QR codes. For example, ShopSavvy and QuickMark both have built-in QR code generators that let you customize and create your own QR codes. You can use these generated codes to share information, such as websites, contacts, or even promotional offers.

Are these QR code scanner apps safe to use?

Most of the QR code scanner apps mentioned in the list are developed by reputable companies and are safe to use. However, it’s always a good idea to read user reviews and check the app’s permissions before installing it on your device. Kaspersky QR Scanner and Trend Micro QR Scanner are specifically designed with security in mind, as they have additional protection features that check for malicious content within scanned codes.

Can I use these QR code scanner apps offline?

Some QR code scanner apps can work offline, but their functionality may be limited. For example, you might be able to scan a QR code and store the information on your device, but you won’t be able to access the associated website or online content without an internet connection. Additionally, features like online price comparison or product reviews will not be available while offline.

Do QR code scanner apps work with all types of smartphones and tablets?

Most QR code scanner apps are designed to work with a wide range of Android and iOS devices. However, compatibility may vary, and some older devices might experience issues due to factors like camera resolution or outdated software. It’s essential to check the app’s compatibility with your device before downloading and installing it.

Is there a significant difference between paid and free QR code scanner apps?

While there might be some differences in terms of features and functionality between paid and free QR code scanner apps, many free apps offer a robust set of features suitable for most users. Paid apps may provide additional features, such as advanced customization options or ad-free experiences, but for basic scanning and reading QR codes, free apps should suffice for most users.