This article discusses the benefits of reusing Nescafé instant coffee jars for storage purposes. Here are the seven reasons why these jars are considered the best:

1. The Magic Lid

The lid of the Nescafé jar is plastic and carries the famous P5 mark, indicating that it is safe for repeated use. It doesn’t have many tight folds, making it easy to clean, and it doesn’t rust when in contact with water.

2. Airtight

The Nescafé jar is airtight, which prevents the contents from spilling out, even if the jar is stored upside down.

3. Large, Deep Opening

The jar’s large, deep opening allows for easy access to its contents without causing a mess.

4. Smart Sides Design

The jar is not perfectly round, which means it can be stored on any of its sides or even upside down. Its sides do not have sharp angles, making it easier to clean and taking up less storage space.

5. Durable Glass

The jar is made of durable glass that is not affected by heat, making it suitable for storing hot items and pickles. It won’t react with citrus or acids, unlike some expensive, airtight containers.

6. Elegant Design

If you can remove the label, you’ll find that the jar has a very elegant design. It can be decorated, used to make snow globes, or used to store daily messages for loved ones.

7. Transparency

The jar’s transparency allows you to easily see its contents without having to guess.

The article concludes by praising the ingenuity of this small jar and encourages readers to find pleasant alternatives to expensive items.