We learn about the best investment fund in Al Rajhi Bank and the advantages and objectives that make it the best among them. However, this is not general for everyone as it may differ from one person to another, so we get a general idea about investment funds in Al Rajhi Bank, through the GoStart.Biz website.

The best investment fund in Al Rajhi Bank

Al Rajhi Saudi Equity Fund is considered the best investment fund in Al Rajhi Bank, due to its many advantages, which are as follows:

  • Providing the opportunity to invest money in the long term.
  • Subscription and redemption feature any day during working days.
  • The ability to benefit from the feature of distributing investments in different sectors in the Saudi market.
  • Obtaining Al Rajhi Financial Company’s expertise in the Saudi stock market.
  • The fund aims to achieve long-term growth by investing in shares of companies listed on the Saudi stock market.
  • The fund provides liquidity that investors can benefit from.

Al Rajhi investment funds

Other than Al Rajhi Saudi Equity Fund, which is considered the best investment fund in Al Rajhi Bank, there is another group of funds, which we present through the following points so that you can get to know them in some detail, so that you may find among them a better option for you, and they are as follows:

1- For Gulf stocks

It is a type of Al Rajhi equity fund that works to achieve capital increase in the long term, and is through asset management. It is considered a type of open-ended fund, and its risk rate is high.

2- For shares of the basic materials sector

This type of fund is considered an open-ended fund, and the risk rate is fairly high, but in general it operates in accordance with the standards and provisions of Islamic Sharia.

3- Capital development and profit distribution

This fund aims to achieve total returns by combining current income with capital development gains and increasing the value of assets, which is done by investing in companies that adhere to Islamic law and include Gulf companies mainly and the Middle East and North Africa markets, but secondarily, and profits are distributed among Investors at semi-annual intervals.

4- IPO Fund

The IPO Fund aims to develop capital over the medium to long term, by participating and investing primarily in initial offerings in the Saudi stock market and the initial and remaining rights of companies listed on the market. It is characterized by a number of capabilities, which are as follows:

  • It provides the possibility of investing in initial offering opportunities in all Arab markets.
  • Ability to effectively manage liquidity through money market instruments and funds.
  • Investing primarily in initial offerings in the Saudi stock market.
  • Investing in priority rights and remaining offerings of listed companies.
  • Possibility of investing in medium and small companies.

5- Saudi stocks for income

Al Rajhi Saudi Equity Income Fund aims to provide room for open investment that distributes income and long-term growth, by investing in Saudi stocks that comply with Islamic Sharia controls. This fund is characterized by the following:

  • Semi-annual dividend distribution.
  • Dividend distribution and capital growth.
  • Obtaining Al Rajhi Financial Company’s expertise in the Saudi stock market.
  • The ability to invest in companies that have a high competitive potential for growth.

6- MSCI Saudi Multi-Factor Stock Index

The objectives of this fund are identical to the objectives of the IPO Fund, in terms of seeking to open the way for medium- to long-term investment, but in this fund the MCI index is relied upon.

7- The flexible fund

Al Rajhi Flexible Saudi Equity Fund aims to achieve high capital growth, through investment and effective portfolio management of listed companies and the compliance of their systems with Sharia. It enjoys a number of advantages, which are as follows:

  • Relying on a concentrated group of stocks of companies expected to have high growth.
  • Working to achieve high returns and capital growth in the medium to long term.
  • Organizing active management with high flexibility in investment allocation.
  • Ability to subscribe or redeem on a daily basis.

8- International stocks

Al Rajhi Global Equity Fund works to develop capital with the aim of investing in the long term, but through international companies, provided that they comply with the provisions of Islamic Sharia in various countries, and is distinguished by providing liquidity to investors through it.

9- Al Rajhi Sukuk Fund

It aims to achieve capital growth in the medium to long term, through investment in sukuks or similar ones in terms of low or medium risk investment.

10- Speculation in goods in US dollars

It works to achieve profits by participating, whether directly or indirectly, in the Murabaha of goods and financial instruments, which is a form of investment that has a medium to long term.

11- Speculation in goods in Saudi riyals

This fund is considered identical to the objectives of its predecessor, except that the difference lies in the exchange of currency from the US dollar to the Saudi riyal.

12- Multi-Asset Balanced Fund

Working to achieve continuous capital growth by investing in stock and commodity funds is an exclusive investment in Al Rajhi funds, provides liquidity, and is classified as a long-term type.

13- Multi-Asset Growth Fund

Al Rajhi Multi-Asset Growth Fund operates through the same mechanism as the Multi-Asset Balanced Fund, which is a collection of stocks and commodities that is exclusively through Al Rajhi Funds.

14- Multi-asset portfolios

It is a fund that aims to achieve an increase in capital commensurate with the level of risks specified for the fund, by investing in stocks and commodities.

15- Monthly distributions fund

It is a fund generally offered with the aim of distributing income monthly, by investing and managing the portfolio in an effective manner, and focusing on a selected group of income-generating securities, such as traded stocks, real estate funds, debt instruments, fixed income, and money market instruments. The fund has a number of advantages, including: As follows:

  • Ability to subscribe and redeem on a daily basis.
  • Monthly distribution to unit owners.
  • Providing active management that works to target investments with profitable returns.

16- Health Endowments

The last fund among the funds offered by Al Rajhi Investment is the Health Endowments Fund, which works to provide the opportunity to achieve social solidarity, by supporting endowments to establish endowment health entities and projects that contribute to stabilizing the health status of all members of society. This fund is distinguished by the following:

  • Contributing to raising awareness of the importance of health endowment and its development impact.
  • Assistance in providing endowment services in the field of health.
  • Establishing and developing health entities.

In addition to these important features, this fund works to achieve a number of important and central objectives, which are as follows:

  • Effective contribution to achieving the principle of social solidarity.
  • Achieving the development goal of the endowed capital of no less than 65% of the net profits annually, which is reflected in the Endowment Association, its activities and projects in all their forms and types, and the studies and research related to them as well.
  • Working to enhance the developmental role of endowments in supporting the establishment of endowment health entities and projects.
  • Developing and investing in the Fund’s assets and working to protect them from extinction.
  • Enhancing community participation of community members in non-profit development investment.

Documents required to invest in Al Rajhi Funds

In order to identify the best investment fund in Al Rajhi Bank, it is necessary to disclose the necessary documents to be able to invest in any of Al Rajhi funds, which are as follows:

  • National Identity.
  • A copy of the deposit receipt or percentage transfer notices from the bank if previously signed.
  • Submit the application to the bank via email.
  • Submit a copy of the signature certificate provided by Al Rajhi Bank.
  • Submit a copy of the passports of non-Saudis.
  • Al Rajhi IBAN account.

Advantages of investing in Al Rajhi Bank

Which prompts many people to search for the best investment fund in Al Rajhi Bank and to desire to invest through Al Rajhi Bank funds, due to the many advantages it enjoys, which are as follows:

  • Alleviating many temporary problems and opportunities for bank customers.
  • It provides foreign direct investment deposits, which are among the best due to their characteristics and conditions.
  • All services provided by banks comply with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.
  • Facilitating access to revenues and capital consumption at record speeds.
  • Ease of investing through a trustee.
  • The ability to control the appropriate time period for all the amounts in it.

Ruling on investing in Al Rajhi Bank

One of the issues that concerns many people when investing in a bank, including Al Rajhi Bank in particular, is knowing the legal ruling for this type of investment and the extent to which the standards and conditions agree and conform to Islamic Sharia, which we explain to you through our topic The Best Investment Fund in Al Rajhi Bank through the following points:

  • The bank works to list only companies that comply with Sharia standards and provisions, and has made many amendments during the recent period in the lists of companies and trading institutions listed for investment.
  • The Islamic Sharia Authority issued an update to the classification of companies that are compatible and non-compliant with the provisions of Islam, and accordingly, Al Rajhi Bank worked to issue the amendments.

The best investment fund in Al Rajhi Bank may differ from one person to another based on the investor’s interests, and you can learn about this by comparing the different objectives of each type.