The Way To SEO From Zero Professional – The Ultimate Guide

Search Engine Optimization
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What is SEO?

The term “SEO” is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and it means the process of search engine optimization, It is a set of standards and procedures aimed at improving the quality of websites and increasing their visits organically (free of charge) by appearing in the first results of search engines. It consists of 3 sections (technical – inside page – outside page)

In other words, it means Search Engine Optimization A group of continuous technical operations aiming to improve the website’s pages in order to appear first in the search results or at least appear in advanced ranks with the aim of gaining visitors for free without paid ads.

The history of SEO When did it start?

The beginning of the development and improvement of search engines dates back to the year 1991 AD, due to the desire of website owners to appear in the search results by search engines. Hence, the owners of these sites began to feel the importance of their own sites appearing on the first page of the search engine. In 1997, the term SEO began to appear.

In the past, search engines were boring and difficult to deal with, and obtaining information was difficult and it was easy to obtain progress in the search results, but that was difficult for the user to obtain the information he wanted, and the black hats repeated the keywords frequently until the sites were raised in the search engines. The site is progressing greatly until you are in the first ranks.

This made users suffer because of the presence of these sites in abundance and did not contain any important information, which causes the users to waste time, but search engines began to conduct strategic studies in order to defend themselves and to protect their users from these abusers by using complex algorithms that reach some of them to the point of predicting the user’s intention of what he wants to be Searches the fewest number of words.

Are there experts specializing in SEO?

Yeah, There are 3 types of SEO workers that must be distinguished due to the sensitivity of this field and its results that appear at a later time and not immediately, as is the case in paid ads:

The first type: It is the so-called white hats

This is because their work is natural and they use legitimate methods to improve search engines, develop the website and make it top on the first page by following Google’s instructions, which are often difficult and need focus and honesty in working away from manipulating search engines.

Therefore, you find that this type demands high wages because it cannot work on several simultaneous projects. Analysis, focus and follow-up takes a lot of time.

The second type: They are the owners of black hats

And those who follow the inferior and illegal methods in order to be in higher positions than they deserve. These are the ones who try to use cheating and deception to reach their goal of SEO, but they usually don’t last for long. Because Google regularly updates its algorithms using statistics and artificial intelligence, in addition to Google’s evaluation staff, who number in the thousands.

Type III: They are the owners of gray hats

And I see that they work in an acceptable way and give a result in the medium and long term without the risk of falling into the algorithm or manual Google sanctions, but it may not bring the same audience that you seek to increase their visits to your site with high accuracy It might attract 40% of them, and at least Google doesn’t consider them violating practices.

How does a search engine archive websites?

First, Discovery detects links to new pages and sites on the Internet, and then crawling or crawling works to discover new sites and pages, Then it indexing and archiving, and after that comes the final algorithm, which is Ranking.

How do search engines rank search results?

The ranking of search engine results depends on multiple factors, amounting to 200 checkpoints, and most of them are kept secret by search engines. But what matters to you is the good content that provides useful information to the user who accesses your site through search engines, as well as backlinks that refer to your site and a good technical structure to facilitate the work of search spiders in exploring your site.

On the basis of these rating points, Google prioritizes content appearing over others.

Can search engines be tampered with?

Perhaps you can do this in the short term (weeks), but in the long term you cannot manipulate search engines as a result of the continuous development of their algorithms, especially Google’s algorithms, which have recently become dependent on collecting information from billions of websites and users, monitoring their behavior and processing it using artificial intelligence.

What do I benefit from doing SEO for my site?

When doing SEO for your site, it means that you are on the first page of the search results, which means that you will get more visitors and thus your site becomes like a shop on a busy street that many customers enter, If it is an online store, its sales will increase, and if it is a blog or news site, its profits will increase from advertisements, and if a company’s website will increase its customers and all of this for free.

How can I improve the SEO for my site?

As for Learn SEO on your own through online tutorials and articles like this one, or You hire a full-time or remote SEO professional. Because it has become a science that is taught and has specialists and experts working in this field and has developers to improve its level and facilitate it for users in order to facilitate the search engines’ understanding of the content of websites and their eligibility to be the top in search results.

E-search engine optimization is one of the most important branches of e-marketing in an era in which access to a target or information has spread through the “Google-it” process. And some universities began to create departments and specialized institutes to teach this science at a time when it became a prestigious profession and needs intelligence, patience, and periodic follow-up of the latest developments.

This introduction was intended to introduce the term SEO and to answer the question of how can I improve my SEO for my site, You will need to progress in this science so that you do not feel lost and lose hope quickly, and you have to be patient in learning and waiting for the results because they deserve (sustainable free organic marketing). And I wrote this article to start with and learn how search engines work. It’s like a zero-professional SEO course.

The most important SEO terms and their Arabic meanings

On our way to learn to explain SEO in detail, we encounter many of the most important and famous terms used in SEO, but we stand in front of them confused without understanding their meanings!

Due to the lack of time for most aspirants to work in this interlocking field, those interested may not search for an explanation of SEO terms much, And most of it is in English, Among the The most important and famous terminology used in SEO We chose some terms for you to explain them briefly and directly in Arabic.

1- Search Engine

she A digital portal with a simple interface that allows any user to search on the Internet for anything by writing, sound or imageAmong the most famous search engines, the American search engine Google, the Bing search engine, and the Russian search engine Yandex, and the goal of site owners is always to obtain a high ranking in the search results of these engines so that the value of their sites and their profits increase.


An acronym for Search Engine Results Page i.e. Search Engine Results Page The search engine results page allows displaying “the page title, its link, and a short description about it” so that the user can easily choose between the pages that appear first in the search engine results.


3- Duplicate Content

It is duplicate content within the same website, It means that you are writing duplicate content on your site or copying content of other sites on your siteYou can detect duplicate content with a tool Duplichecker Google’s algorithms will detect the matter and punish the owner of the site, The solution is to delete duplicate content.

And don’t forget to make a 301 redirect of the deleted page’s link to the home page or any other page with similar content to the deleted page, Or use the Canonical Tag, and I’ll explain it shortly.

4- Black Hat SEO

It is a set of illegal practices according to Google’s usage policies. Among these bad behaviors aimed at improving your site in search engine results! It is the exaggeration of the inclusion of backlinks in one article without there being a direct relationship between the text and those links, and the same thing for keyword stuffing without the need for it.

And get fake visits from some sites. Those who carry out these practices may sooner or later block their site temporarily or permanently ban it from appearing on search engine search results pages.

5- White Hat SEO

It is based on Google policy principles and practices consistent with, Such as ensuring professional content free of fillers, including appropriate keywords for the content, configuring URLs, and naturally acquiring external links through good content that encourages other site owners to add them to their sites as a reference.

6- OnPage SEO

Means Website optimization internally for search engines , Which is any SEO improvements aimed at working inside the article or page and not outside it, and therefore this is under your control and your ability to improve it, such as concern for the quality of the content, the strength of the keywords, the status of the links, the speed of the site loading, and avoiding the accumulation of keywords and textual stuffing.

7- OffPage SEO

Means Optimizing the website externally to search enginesIt comes in second place after internal SEO and is improved in one way only, which is the interest in obtaining backlink from other sites that have the same interests in your site or one of your site’s pages, which is called creating backlinks.

8- Google Algorithm

A series of prior programmatic commands that define how search engines arrange search results and categorize and index web pages in a unified record in order to facilitate users’ access to these pages later when they search the search engine with words related to these pages as most appropriate from the point of view of these algorithms.

Google’s search algorithms are constantly being updated because Google aims to reach to classify sites in a way that simulates human intelligence in order to exclude deceptive, poor, duplicate or copied sites that generally do not respect Google’s usage policies, By punishing it and not allowing it to appear first in the search results, temporarily blocking it, or banning it permanently, So is search engine algorithms the main nerve to it, especially Google?

9- SEM (SIM)

An acronym for Search Engine Marketing Search engine marketing with paid campaigns PPC or Google Ads, All this is for one purpose, which is to appear first in search engine results, get good traffic, and are characterized by the appearance of the word “Ad or Ad” next to the search result. And it has a correlation with SEO ranking.

10- Keywords

key words, It is every word or phrase that users search frequently on a specific topic Then, semantic tags are formed that guide Google’s spiders to search to recognize the contents of web pages of any kind, which are technically the most important elements and factors that export the site to the results of search engines and help to bring visitors to your site as quickly as possible.

Read more about keywords.

11- Keywords Density

Means keyword density, she The number of keywords within the text in relation to the total number of content words, It is measured in percentageTo calculate the keyword density, the number of times the keyword in the content is multiplied by the number 100, then the result is divided by the total number of article words or any text.

Example: Text with 1000 words The density of appropriate keywords in it is assumed to be between 0.5 and 1.5%, i.e. between 5 to 9 times.

How is the percentage of keyword density determined in an article?

Google did not state that a certain percentage should be adhered to, however Determined based on huge statistics by SEO experts and top content optimization companiesIt tells us that writing the keyword is at a rate of one word for every 200 words in the text, and not less than one word for every 100 words in the text, and this makes sense to avoid overwriting. Thus the ratio is between 0.5% and 1.5%.

12- Keywords Stuffing

Means Overloading or stuffing keywords in order to bring visitors to your site as quickly as possible without the need for this duplication on the same page And it is not a brilliant solution, as it means exaggerating the use of the keyword within the content, in a way that exceeds all the maximum rates known in the world of SEO.

So that the keyword is distributed randomly and without achieving any desired benefit, What makes text incoherent, What drives the reader not to access the information he wanted.

Stuffing or stacking keywords has become something Google penalizes because of the release of the Google Hummingbird update in 2013, Google Hummingbird, so instead of paying much attention to finding the best keywords for your site, pay more attention to the quality of the content you write!

13- Keywords Variants

Means Keyword derivations and long-tail keywords, They mean those words that are identical to and similar to the keyword that people are likely to use in search engines search on the same topic..

You can find these derivatives in Google Suggestions or Frequently Asked Questions on the search results page. When users search for the keyword. They are used to branch out the content as subheadings within the article.

Example: Suppose you write about “SEO,” it will be the keyword and derivations for this keyword are as follows:

  • How do search engines rank search results.
  • How to make your site the first search results in Google.
  • How to top Google search results
  • How to show your site on the Google search engine.
  • Explain SEO in detail.

14- LSI Keywords

An abbreviation for Latent Semantic Indexing Indexing the equivalent words and expressions, These LSI synonyms are automatic spontaneous words that Google’s algorithms assume should be included in your content or the article that you write relative to the primary keyword..

These words give Google a better understanding of your content. And it considers it useful for its search engine users, which improves the experience of its users, and often you do not need to search for it because if you write useful content, these words will appear in your article automatically because distinguishing them depends on artificial intelligence by comparing the content of reliable sources with the content of your site.

Example: Suppose you will write an article about the most important and famous terms used in SEO, you will have to include these words in your article at least words such as: Internal SEO, External SEO, Backlinks, Site Map, Website speed increase, Meta description, Because they are synonymous words, not similar, but indicate that the content is real, “and this is an example for clarification but not limited to.”

15- Meta Title

Means The title of the page or article that appears on the Google search results page at the top of the browser window and does not appear on the page itself. Its aim is to convey an idea of the page’s content to search engines before clicking and entering your site. .

It is similar to the title that appears on the same page, but with a different tag, H1, which is preferred not to be repeated on the page more than once, The importance of Meta Title lies in the fact that it contains the most important keyword that denotes the content of the page and appears first in the search engine results, and Google relies on it to know the content of the site.

16- Meta Description

Description of the content or description of the text, It is the first item to appear in search engine results after the headline. The description often does not exceed 150 characters and is at least 70, The meta description description contains the most important keywords used in the text, which are used in an interesting and attractive summary to attract the attention of the reader or visitor in general.

The importance of meta description lies in raising the CTR rates on your page in Google, which in turn leads to an increase in the ranking of your page in the search results. There is no direct income for metad scripts and raising the ranking of your page in Google, and what is said about the matter is not true according to one of Google’s updates for the year 2009, but its effect is indirect.

17- Image Alt Text

The alternative text of the image is used when you add an image to the content that you create on your site by writing a brief description of the image’s content for Google to recognize it , Alternative description within images on websites increases SEO performance and this image appears in the image portal of the search engine.

18- Anchor Text

Means the alternative text of link text, It is a word or several words that hide or carry a URL link of any type of web pageThis masking makes the word carrying the link distinct in another color, shaded or underlined, depending on the nature of each site. Anchor has two objectives, facilitating the browsing of the site, and the second is improving the appearance of texts because links usually come in long and may distort the text. Anchor Text is not only used in websites but in other programs including Microsoft Word

Example: To refer to the Go Start website link without using the Anchor Text we will write As for using anchor text, we will write a site Joe Start .

19- XML Sitemap

A sitemap is a text file in which there is a complete indexing of your site, It includes all the links for the pages of your site inside it to facilitate the process of the search spiders in understanding the structure of your site and distinguishing the main and subpaths and their links to each other. You can create an XML Map by yourself or with a WordPress plugin such as a Guesthouse Yoast SEO Or tools like Google XML Sitemaps

The best application for SEO through the sitemap is to add only the pages that you want the search engine to archive, not all pages, and you do not have to add a page with the tag noindex or nofollow or a page that has been converted to another page 301 or a page from which a canonical was made to another page. It only means the important pages that you want to inform Google that they are the most important on your site.

20- URL (link)

An abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator, which is a URL for a single webpage . Consider the following example:, which differs from the Domain domain, which refers to the home page only:

21- Crawlers

Called robots, spiders, or bots, It is famous for search spiders or search engine crawlers. They are the most important tools that search engines rely on in identifying, classifying, storing, and then indexing web pages in the main record of the search engine, To make it easier to call it when searching using words related to the content of those pages in search engines and to show them in a second or less.

22- robots.txt (robot file)

The bot file is a txt file whose importance lies in the fact that it gives search spiders the command to crawl and index pages within your site, or the command not to crawl and thus it is the one who determines the nature of Google’s crawler movement within your site.

23- Page Rank

One of the most important and famous terms used in SEO, namely: One of Google’s algorithms that classifies the site and calculates its importance based on the good backlinks that point to your site, In other words, the backlinks that your site gets from other sites.

24- Redirect 301 (permanent redirect)

301 redirect It is a command on which Google search spiders go to another page with a new link permanently . Assuming you have an old link that has been changed and the old link is still archived by the search engines, so if you do not give the redirect command and the visitor to your site, he will find the 404 page, which is the error page code.

So the 301 redirect gives a signal to the search spiders telling them that this link is no longer available and that you should direct your visitors to another valid link. It differs from the temporary 302 redirect, which tells Google not to cancel the archiving of the old link, but rather we are in the process of some modifications and we will return to the old link and often the 302 redirect to the homepage for SEO by improving the user experience. Nobody likes the message This page is not found 404.

25- Canonical Tag

The Canonical tag its mechanism of action is almost similar to Redirecting 301, but it does not redirect the visitor to another page and keep it on the same page because the link is correct and not deleted, His mission is to send a signal to the search engine, telling him that this page contains content similar to another page. It informs Google’s crawlers that you do not want to classify and index a page within your site because it contains duplicate content on another page of your site to spare your site from being subjected to Google’s penalties for duplicate content.

canonical declare

26- External Backlinks

External backlinks They are links to one of your website pages that someone places them on other sites and when you click on them, they take the visitor to your site, such as forums or sites similar to your site or social media sites.

Thanks to it, you get good traffic for your site, and Google considers your site reliable and gives you priority to appear in search engine results. This method is called the way backlink works for your site and therefore building a strong backlink is the most important factor in SEO, so be sure to know how to build a backlink correctly.

27- Nofollow

It is a tag that prevents Google spiders from following the link that leads outside your site to an external page. And using BackLink Novolo does not allow transferring the domain authority to the external site of your siteAnd although it is not the most important type of backlink, it has a specific role, which is to avoid considering the hosting site as being dedicated to building backlinks without the need for the visitor.

28- Dofollow

It is a tag that prevents Google spiders from following the link that leads outside your site to an external page, and the backlink dofolo through which the power of the domain authority of any site is passed to your site, thus increasing the confidence of search engines in your site.

But be sure to choose well-known sites and forums that have a high Domain Authority of more than 20, and Spam Score is less than 5%, because using BackLink Doflo in abundance and exaggeration makes Google classify your site as spam or fraud and it is counter-productive.

29- EAT (it algorithm)

Abbreviation for Expertise & Authority & Trustworthiness i.e. Experience, Eligibility, Credibility, Which criteria are set by Google to evaluate electronic stores on the basis of, In order to keep electronic stores that display counterfeit, fake or inferior goods. Read more about Google’s Guide to EAT Store Rating

Technical optimization of search engines Technical SEO

What do you know about technical search engine optimization, or what is called technical SEO? Little! Well, stay tuned.

First of all, you have to know that SEO is divided into three parts On-page SEO Which is concerned with the internal content of the website, And the Off-Page SEO Who cares about the external links that you put inside the content and building a strong backlink for your site in sites that have a high domain authority, And the third part is Technical SEO .

What is technical SEO?

It is a set of procedures that are concerned with the technical and technical aspects of the site and their repair, such as crawling, archiving, and facilitating the work of search engine spiders to understand the content of your site within the crawling budget set for your site and thus Technical SEO is a matter that is within your control and you can control and improve it with the help of a programmer or without a programmer depending on your site’s program and your programming experience .

Technical SEO is not the most important, but it should be the first, and therefore it is important and for those who work to improve Internal (content) And the External (backlink ) Before confirming that Technical SEO (website architecture) Well prepared, it loses a lot with time because the correct technical SEO is the sound basis for the building that may collapse at any time later if not sound.

How to check your site’s technical SEO

The technical SEO examination process for any site is through multiple tools available free of charge and paid, but in order not to enter into a mess of checking and repair tasks, I will advise you in my way, Use only one reliable tool and let alone any other tool.

I rely on a tool Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Just, You can register for free, add your site and analyze it, and all the technical seo problems that your site suffers from will appear to you, but you will be allowed to check 10 thousand pages per month for free, and if you need more than that, you have to subscribe to their paid plan.

If you reach Score that exceeds 90%, this means that your site is technically prepared for high SEO, and if not, you must see the details of the problems that your site contains and work to solve them.


How to make your site technically configured for search engines?

Choose the appropriate domain and extension for your site

What is the domain or domain name and extension?

Domain is the identifier for your website and it consists of two sections “Web site name” And the Site Extension An example of this is my site:

  • My site name: gostart
  • Site extension: biz.

There are several extensions to the domain: (com.) (net.) (info.) (biz.) (org.) and many more, There are also domain extensions that express specific countries: (UK) Britain, (de.) Germany, Saudi Arabia (SA.) And many others.

How to choose Domain Right for your site?

You can choose any name you deem appropriate for your site within these conditions to gain greater credibility in both search engines and the hearts of visitors:

  • The number of characters does not exceed 11 characters (not including the extension) and the shorter the better
  • That it bears the name of your brand or the name of your project such as GoSart
  • Avoid abstract, generic professional words like businesslawyer or paintingservices

How to choose the right domain extension for your site?

Domain extension has become available with more than 100 extensions, and this allows you the freedom to find your project name or brand that is not reserved in advance, and you should consider the following when choosing a domain extension to increase the confidence of search engines in you as well as the target audience:

  • Determine the appropriate extension for the site specialization from This list
  • Determine the country of the target audience, if not international
  • If your site is general and non-specific, choose a .com extension that is appropriate for all types of websites.

Determine the domain extension specialization

An example to cover the information mentioned in this paragraph on my site

  • Go = Go (translate)
  • Start = Start Now (Translate)
  • Biz = Business

The overall meaning, if it is (go and start in the business field) Note that the choice of domain name and extension depends on something from philosophy and thinking about the mentality of the audience until it became understandable to search engines and the audience and reflects the professionalism and specialization of the content as well as the length of the domain is short that does not exceed 7 characters in my case and it can be Up to 11 characters depending on your choice.

Which is better the subdomain or subfolder for multi-country sites

If your site serves multiple countries on one domain, It is always best to do this with subfolders, Instead of sub-domains. This means, for example: is always better than:

Install a security certificate and make your site run on https

What is the impact of SSL certificate on my site ranking?

Having a completely secure website (https not http) using SSL is a great idea for many reasons including that it is a ranking factor in Google! Safe sites get better ranking and Google said recently that they can be used to bypass competitors “on the fence” in order when most other things are equal between the two of you.

By installing an SSL certificate on the server of your site, your entire site will become https, that is, secure and encrypted against the leakage or theft of your customers’ data during payment processes and the sending and receiving of data such as passwords and their financial data.

How do I get a free SSL certificate?

Recently, hosting companies have included a free SSL certificate with every server that you rent. But if this is not the case in your hosting, you can obtain a certificate for free from a company GoGetSSL And you can renew it every 3 months. And they have certificates at reduced prices of $ 5 a year.

Check and optimize the bot file

What is a robots.txt file?

A robot file is a text file that contains commands that direct the search engine spiders on your site to determine which pages and files you want to access or not, To be indexed or not to be indexed. And thus it determines the nature of the movements of Google’s crawlers and other search engines on the site.

How can I improve the robot file?

The process of formatting and optimizing the robot file is not complicated because the important thing for you is to be certain that there is no process of blocking search spiders from accessing important pages or the presence of wrong commands that make Google’s crawlers difficult to work. With these, you can simulate the robots.txt file The free tool

For example, blocking access to CSS files is a common mistake because you are preventing your site from being read properly by search engine crawlers. In order not to be complicated, use my method not to prevent search engines from accessing any part of your site, as follows:


There is a fact that you should know that adding pages to robots.txt does not prevent some search engines from indexing them, and Google is one of them. And to stop indexing a page for sure, You need to use the noindex tag. More information from Google at noindex

And avoid putting both noindex and nofollow tags together for the same page, because by doing this it gives search engines two contradictory signals, one of which says not to read the page and the second says that on this page there is a tag not archiving the page So how is he going to read the noindex on the page when you tell him not to read the page from nofollow? Hence, it is also a common mistake that you should avoid

Solve the problem of modifying the robot file on Shopify and Blogger

Some online store and blogging platforms do not allow you to modify the robots.txt file, and this is one of the drawbacks of these platforms, such as Shopify, ExpandCart, Blogger, and others.

But there is a trick that I use for some of my clients’ websites on these platforms, which is to convert 301 of the robot file link through CloudFlare into a folder that is allowed access (the pictures folder, for example), and then modify it and Google can consider it as the basic robot file and thus you have solved the problem.

Make links SEO Friendly-URL

Create SEO friendly URLs for all the important pages on your site because creating SEO friendly links makes the search engine and website visitors trust more of your site, And URLs are addresses that refer to all the pages of the site separately, unlike the domain, which refers to the home page only on the site.

friendly url

How to improve your site’s link structure for search engines

  • Include the page’s keyword in the link.
  • Use the keyword in the first three words of the link.
  • The link shall be readable and free of numbers and symbols, as well as prepositions and conjunctions.
  • The number of the link words should be between 3 and 6 only.
  • The length of the link from the beginning of the domain name to the end of the domain should not exceed 60 characters.
  • Use lowercase letters and a hyphen (-) to separate words only.

Relationship of the number of link characters with the chance of better ranking on induction motors

How do I find broken links on my 404 site?

You can find broken or broken links using a tool like Dead Link Checker To avoid showing the 404 error message to website visitors or search spiders. Or use a WordPress plugin Broken Link Checker It does not contradict any other addition.

How do I fix broken links on my site?

  • If you change the link of an archived page, use the 301 redirect for the new link.
  • Ensure that the internal links on your site point to valid links (often the biggest reason)
  • Be sure to use addition Your 404 pages are redirected using 301 to the home page of your site.

Solve the problem of duplicate links on the site

Any different URL means different page and different search engine content. For example: If your site can be accessed through www and non-www, Google counts these pages as different pages although the content is identical but can be accessed through different URLs. So you should use permanent 301 redirects to avoid Google neglecting your site in the first place. Because you are confusing the search engine.

Use the original Canonical Tag link

What is the link for the original Canonical version?

A link within html code where a canonical URL must be present Every page counts Of your site pages and be Refer to itself As a confirmation signal to the search spiders of their importance, As if it was Page content is duplicate Similar to the content of another page on your site, you must also use the rel = canonical tag Refers to the link to the (original) base page. To avoid and penalize Google’s crawlers for that page as a duplicate page.

Tag the original link
Here is Canonical one’s home page
Transformer canonical marking
Here is a Canonical filter page from an online store indicating the main link to the classification in which this filter was used

Why do duplicate page links appear on my site?

Okay, This usually happens due to an error in the code or in online stores, often when using the filter, and each filtering process generates a separate link, and Google considers each link a separate page, so we must make it clear to him that you want to archive the classification page without the filter links.

That is, by using the Canonical tag, you will tell Google’s crawlers not to index pages belonging to a similar page. Neglecting it is the biggest mistake that hurts your site’s SEO score, Because it is considered an internal competition on your site between pages, Therefore, you should use the Canonical Tag to be a clear indication of which of the duplicate pages is the basis and which you want to appear in the search results.

What is the difference between canonical and redirect?

Canonical is a bit like redirecting 301, but without redirecting the user off the page to another page, that is, it is not a directive. Thus, the user remains on the same page, but Google does not archive it in the search results, and it is understood that the content of this page is identical to another page only, and therefore it archives the other page only.

This is useful, for example, in the case of using the filter for products in electronic stores.

How do I add the original Canonical link to my site?

To check for the original (Canonical) url tag, open a page on your site, right click the mouse, select View Page Source, and check if the rel = canonical contains a link.

For example, Canonical for our page is shown in the image, and if you do not find the Canonical tag, use the RankMath or Yaost SEO plugin, and it will appear automatically for the important pages.

Use area marking and hreflang language

What is the hreflang and the hreflang?

It is an html tag that determines the appropriate version of the page for the visitor according to his country and the language he uses and is in the following form as an example (hreflang = ar-sa) and therefore when searching for content linked to this page on Google by a person in Saudi Arabia and using the Arabic language in his browser, it will appear to him instead of the page English, for example, or another country version.

Is hreflang important if my site is not country specific?

No, It is not mandatory, but it is preferable to use it even if your site is not directed to a specific country, but of course it will be a language specific so you can only use the language without specifying the country, For example (hreflang = en), thus the search engine will know that this page is in Arabic, regardless of the visitor’s country.

hreflang tag language only

Here you find the source information from Google for multilingual websites

Find and fix Orphaned Pages

What are orphan pages?

Orphan pages are pages that have no links within the site that the visitor can reach and can be found only through search engine crawlers and appear in search engine results or enter with their direct link, and therefore if the visitor connects them in any way they will not be able to reach other pages on your site and therefore it is considered a bad user experience to avoid them .

Orphan pages

How do I find orphan pages on my site?

You can do this by using one of the crawling and simulation tools for your site, which are many, and I recommend a tool for you Ahrefs Webmaster Freebies, After registering and adding your site, the tool will scan your site and show you all the technical SEO errors, including orphan pages, to identify and fix them.

Find orphan pages

How do I fix orphan pages on my site?

Simply you must create internal links from these pages to other pages on your site and vice versa as well from other pages of the orphan page, whether this is through internal linking of some words or by browsing the categories and lists on the site.

Structured data

By adding code to your site pages in order to give a description of the data for those pages, This allows Google’s crawlers to have a deeper understanding of this data. Structured data is very important in improving the rendering of your pages in the SERP and its availability is checked with this tool Structured Data Testing Tool

You will have to add markup for structured data only once, then this definition will be automatically applied to the rest of the subsequent content on your site and it has several types that you can identify and include according to your site type from here

Examples of ways to use structured data: Describe the content of your site, whether it is “articles, news, e-commerce, or recipes.”


Notice: If you have an e-commerce website and want rich results on Google search engine but you cannot add structured data markup on your site, You can really do this by submitting a product data feed in the Google Merchant Center. You don’t actually need to spend any money on ads, Google can use this structured data to improve search results.


The website template design is responsive to smart phone screens

Most of the 80% of buying and selling and visiting websites is done over the phone, And Google has become dependent on indexing the mobile version before the computer version , so focus on the user experience with the phone more, because raising the site’s ranking on Google is not limited to computer users only, and the same content must be in the mobile and computer versions.

The solution to this problem is easy when establishing your site. Just buy a Responsive Theme for mobile browsers.

You can check your site if it is mobile friendly with the Mobile Friendly Test tool. Check the performance of your website on smart phone devices through the Think with Google tool, and if the result of the test on the latter is excellent, do not be afraid of the performance and speed factor to improve the search engine for your site.

Optimizing your sitemap

What is a sitemap?

It is a file in xml contains a list of links and page information The task on the site is arranged in levels and branches, just like the index, The site structure makes it clear to search spiders, A sitemap allows Google crawlers to quickly index your site and it should contain important pages Archived indexable .

sitemap sample

How do I add sitemap to my site?

Manual method using a tool like Sitemap Generator Or, use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress sites. But most likely, if you have a special software for SEO such as RankMath or Yoast SEO, it will be a comprehensive partial generating the sitemap, so do not worry about it if you have such software.

Pay attention to these points:

  • Do not include duplicate pages within your site or with broken links within the xml sitemap
  • Your sitemap should be updated automatically when you post any new post to your site or update the content of a page
  • Ensure the integrity of the xml sitemap by using webmaster tools such as the Google Search Console webmaster tool

submit sitemap google search console

I always recommend having an external XML sitemap as it provides an easy-to-access list of indexable URLs. To get higher traffic from search engine results.

Register your site in the Google Search Console webmaster tool

The most important point in technical search engine improvement points and we mentioned it at the end due to its importance in following up the results of all of the above from here It is useful for performing various technical tasks such as testing the robots.txt file, discovering broken links or errors within your site, submitting a sitemap to Google, tracking clicks, search results impressions, and improving search terms.

Webmaster tool

I hope you have benefited from this part dedicated to technical SEO, which we tried to shorten and simplify as much as possible to make it an uncomplicated concept. We now move on to another part.

Content optimization for OnPage SEO

Search engine technologies and SEO rules are constantly changing at breakneck speeds and displace all those who disagree with their updates from the forefront and competition. Because the algorithms of the search engine Google, which is the most popular search engine, More powerful and smarter in the processes of analyzing websites and extracting the required to answer searches.

Let’s start with practical applications, including all types of websites, whether they are blogs, companies’ websites, or online stores, The differences between them are not essential in terms of SEO.

I write good content but my site does not appear in the search engines Why?

There are more than 200 important criteria for arranging the site’s pages in the search results, and no content writer can take care of them all with one article, no matter how professional! Especially since most of these criteria are not announced by Google and depend on the statistics of the top SEO makers.

But I will explain to you my strategy that I work with, and if you search for my articles and my online store as well, you will find most of them on the first page of the Google search engine. And after reading this article, your articles or your site will be as well.

Theoretically, it may be difficult for your site to arrive on the first Google pages, as some claim, if you are a beginner, but in practice it is not impossible. The most important thing you have to do is to focus on what is important from the important criteria, which we simply collected for you here.

How to prepare your article to top Google search results for free? Do you have to pay to be on top of the search engines? To answer how the site is linked to search engines, how Google search results are issued, and what is related to the topic as a whole, Get a cup of coffee and stay with us.

How to write a meta title

Because the meta title is the first of the important criteria for arranging the pages of the site in the search results, and the first thing the user will see in his search results, So it represents 50% of the chances of you getting visitors to your article! Make sure to write a good, integrated address:

  • Do not change the title of an article you published no matter what happens after ranking on the first page in Google.
  • Don’t forget to include the H1 tag in the header. This hashtag appears as the title of the article.
  • The title of your article should contain at least one important keyword.
  • The ideal headline length is 60 characters, and avoid very short or long headlines.
  • Write an attractive, interesting headline with words that encourage the reader to enter the article.
  • Don’t fool the readers! And do not make the title of your article differ from its content, This will have bad consequences.

The first words are important words. If you want to put your brand name in the page title, It usually should come after the page’s content description. For more details regarding the article title watch this video

How to write your meta description ( Meta Description)

First of all, I refute you the myth that the most important factor in Google’s search results is meta description, Because Google, since 2009, announced that neither meta keywords nor meta description are among the factors affecting the ranking of your page in Google, and it will not even appear. Therefore, you will not find any section of this article that talks about metawords at all.

Having this brief article description on your page has important benefits other than ranking. It increases the click rate on your page through Google, So keep it cute and short because it is one of the first things that will appear to the reader when your article appears in the search engine below the title, It is best not to exceed 150 letters, not less than 70 letters, and to contain the important words that the visitor wants to see and that encourage clicking.

So your meta description doesn’t directly improve your Google page ranking. But it does affect how many people are attracted to click on your score, So focus on that. Thus, when the CTR increases, the ranking on the search results page increases, and this is an important factor in indirectly improving the search engines for your site.

For more details regarding the article description watch this video

Write attractive introductions to articles

If the content is text or article, Do not display important information or conclusions in advance in order to preserve the element of suspense so that the reader can complete your article and stay on the site for the longest time. The keyword should be included in a smart way and not repeated often at the beginning of the article. It is preferable to be in the first and last paragraph. And ask the most important questions that your article will discuss at the beginning of the article.

How to divide the article into paragraphs

  • Subtitle each paragraph H2, H3 … Use long keywords in these subheadings or make them questions to answer in the paragraph under the sub-heading.
  • Use a short sentence system if possible, especially if you are going to provide explanations.
  • Use a continuous paragraph transition system to make the content coherent and divided in form for enjoyable reading.
  • Divide the text into paragraphs of 4 sentences or 50 words, for example, and don’t make it long
  • Place a vertical space between paragraphs comfortable to the eye so as not to confuse the mind of the reader.
  • Try to make each idea in a single paragraph and do not mix ideas in the same paragraph.

How to write subtitles

To help the reader quickly scan the content and better understand the article, And to make it easy to move it inside the article, Use keywords in subheadings “balanced”, Do not make it your primary concern and spoil the form and content of the content, making the reader bored.

For more details on writing article sub-titles watch this video

How to write article content

Although many like the brevity and do not want to spend a lot of time on reading, the technical side of Google’s algorithms pays to lengthen as long as the content does not include all aspects of the topic of the article, And also long content collects a lot of backlinks. take care of:

  • A good article has between 1,000 and 3,000 words, But its height should really match the richness of its content, not just the filler.
  • Analyze your competitors’ articles and content and see how long their articles are to get a better idea of what to write.
  • Write exclusive content without direct copying, And if you made copies, you have to re-write and investigate the scientific integrity by listing the sources in the article, In addition to your personal creativity, your previous achievements and your experience in the field of your writing.
  • You may need to update your old content if some points arise if the content needs this.

Adding new content to be always up-to-date is a myth: It does not apply to all articles and pages. Some inquiries are worth updating, Others do not. Do not add new content without any new developments related to the content

Long content

To quickly find out the size of the content of any page, use this extension to the Chrome browser, as it helps you a lot Detailed SEO


“I will write two blog articles per week and each has 500 words in it.” If this is your SEO strategy, I can pretty much guarantee that you are wasting your money. It is no longer the case with search engines. Do not make the number of articles and their word count lead you in creating your content, but let the topic be the one that leads you to determine the number of words so that the content is satisfactory to the reader.

Improve user experience

The first SEO tips on the page is to know that a website or theme interface that is complex, slow to load, or not appropriate to the SEO standards reduces the ranking of sites on Google and becomes less visible to searchers in the search engine and is not worthy of users’ trust.

And because Google wants to provide the best results for its users, it supports and shows the sites where users spend more time, because it considers them reliable and worthy of the top, Google did not announce the feature as part of its algorithms, but it is literally implementing it from our experience. Do the following to improve your user experience:

  • Use an appropriate font type, and we recommend Traditional Arabic for Arabic content, With an appropriate font size of 18 for texts and headings 26-24-22 and is the same for each type of headings and paragraphs, And shade the titles or paint them in a different color.
  • Avoid pop-up ads With your article and your site because it annoys the user and distracts him from his focus, It was satisfied with side ads or between paragraphs.
  • a Make sharing your site content easy: On social networks and WhatsApp by using ready-made icons.
  • Quality content: Any texts that are informative and free from linguistic errors, It is well formatted and contains commas, periods, question marks, etc. The information should be of value to the reader and not just useless fillers or simple and intuitive information.
  • Intervertebral system: To relax the reader’s eyes and make it easier for him to read, divide the text into paragraphs of 4 sentences, for example, Leave spaces between them so as not to confuse the mind of the reader.
  • Focus on subheadings: To help him quickly scan the content and better understand the article such as the blue article content table in our article, This increases your chances of ranking your site in Google.
  • Add photos or video: Its role is explanatory and makes the content attractive and interesting for the reader.
  • Impact of Reader’s Attention: And make him tight to read as if you are in front of him interacting with him: With texts designed to appeal to him.
  • Use interactive expressions such as: Let’s get started, Let’s look a little deeper, Let me show you how it works step by step. Or in short, useful.
  • Use the inverted pyramid method: Where valuable information does not appear in the introduction or at the top of the article or the end of it, but rather in the middle, Because the reader rarely gets to the middle if he finds what he’s looking for above, Through the use of sentences such as “Do you want to learn how ?,” Have you ever wondered why? “
The inverted pyramid method of writing
  • Analyze your site’s speed: Google has several tools to measure and improve website speed, including:

    • Web.Dev for site speed analysis based on Web Core Vitals.
    • Test My Site To measure the compatibility and speed of your site with phone screens.
  • Website acceleration: Don’t make your site load more than 3 seconds. Because 70% of consumers said that the speed of the site affects their desire to browse or buy from the site through:

    • Reduce unnecessary code. And enable the browser’s caching feature, or the so-called cache.
    • Choose a hosting that suits your requirements. Click the images to reduce their size before uploading them through services such as
    • Delay loading Java Script. That is, use code to delay downloading external JavaScript codes, such as those of Google Analytics and Google Adsense, for a second or two after the site loads, and this reduces the server response time.

Okay, The previous steps for improving the user experience may be complicated for you and take time or you do not have enough programming experience to do them. do not worry, I will offer you a solution that does all of the previous items I mentioned with one click. However, it can only be implemented on the WordPress and OpenCart sites currently, and it is a nitroback service NitroPack It is free if the number of your monthly visitors is less than 5000 and its fees are low if your site is visited by more than this number.

Google Page Insights Test

Is good content enough for the top spot?

No, Not enough, but it is the basis without which no SEO activity will succeed. Search engines are now focused on understanding the user’s intent and what they specifically expect and search for, using complex algorithms using artificial intelligence, So! Focus on the quality of the content and define your target audience well by identifying their interests in order to create content directed to it and answer their inquiries accurately.

Are keywords important? ?

Simply yes, Because they act as guides for search engine spiders, indicating the content of the site. Use it intelligently and do not exaggerate because it will distort the shape of the content and make the reader come out quickly. Because he expects useful information and not just repeated words, The accumulation of keywords is one of the reasons for reducing the ranking of sites on Google. Your article will also be ignored because repetition will be considered a potential fraud.

To expand on the keyword research procedure, read the Keywords article

What is the best free keyword grabbing tool?

It’s Google’s search engine itself. You can search by the pull-down method by Google.

The best and easiest way is if you are targeting an audience that uses the Google search engine in the same country in which you live. You only have to write, for example, “How do I improve SEO” and before you finish your question, you will see several suggestions for the most searched words and the main ideas spread in the search bar, and these results are presented by Google based on the search volume for these long words, So don’t neglect it and use it in your content and provide personalized information for these long words.

Search by drop-down method

Connect your site to social media

Do not forget to link your site to social media pages in order to promote your content for free to attract the largest number of visitors to your article in a short time. And the ability to comment to get the interaction and the Like or Dissatisfaction button on your site to evaluate your content, the opinion of the customer is important. You may think that it is not an important criterion for arranging the pages of the site in the search results, but do not neglect it because it helps you personally in improving the content and start from your personal pages and your friends.

Google has always categorically denied that there is absolutely no relationship between social media posts on platforms like Facebook and the likes and comments directly related to your ranking in any way. But the presence of pages for your site that contain the link to the site, information about it, and keywords indicates increasing the reliability of your site

Make use of YouTube to improve your SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine and the most famous website on the net, which is watched by 2 billion people, with an average of one billion hours of viewers per day! Make a video about the article, Then put an easy title for your video and include keywords in it. And put a link to your article or site within the video description.

You can use motion graphics or filming steps to work on the computer screen if it is not useful to photograph yourself to achieve your marketing goals.

If your activity covers a specific geographical area, Target your local audience

  • If you own an online store or a commercial activity, do not neglect the search engines optimization and include the name of the city or state in the website address and the footer of the site by adding the address.
  • 46% of Google searches are for people looking for local information such as: Stores, Phone numbers, Local taxis.
  • 72% of those who search on Google for local businesses online visit stores located within a radius of 5 km.

I hope we will be successful in explaining SEO on-page and providing SEO tips for accurate information and details about how search engines rank search results, We move to the last section of SEO.

OffPage SEO

What is external SEO?

Backlinking is the only thing that falls under off-page SEO and it is an important part of SEO, especially Google, Take into account considerations that will ensure that your backlinks follow the pattern that Google expects. Focus on old-topic links because they have a higher chance of getting head over heels. Links obtained through quality content and influencer marketing are safe and effective.

But I admit to you that making high-quality backlinks is difficult and expensive, and therefore do not give them great importance at the beginning and do not do them until after you have exhausted all the ways to reach the first page, and then the difference between you and your competitors is the backlinks that outperform you.

In any case if the content is on your site, Your page or article is featured, it will get a backlink automatically and this is called the Bait Backlinks . So don’t make building backlinks a priority for you and let it be the last thing you do and this is from my personal experience and my site is the biggest example of that. If you want to expand this part, I advise you to read the Backlink article.

SEO method for electronic stores

The process of improving searches in Google and other search engines for any online store is one of the most important reasons for the success of the idea of electronic stores, because with its further improvement, the search engine raises your store and places it on the first pages in searches for products available on your site, This increases sales and profits without sponsored ads.

And I explained it in a separate title because the SEO methodology for the online store is different from other websites that are not specialized in selling products.

What is the search engine optimization for the online store?

It is a set of procedures and steps that you take in the store code, interface and user experience that will make a site appear on the front pages of search engines for free without paying for funded marketing campaigns, This helps you the most in your success and reach the largest possible number of customers with zero cost per marketing.

1) Which is more important for SEO, Rank page or product page?

Always give priority to optimizing your site’s content for rankings pagesAnd not for the product page, because the products are not static, most likely their manufacture may stop, or their name and version may change, while the classification page remains and thus make the content of the categories optimized for search engines more than the product page. This, in turn, improves the visibility of the product pages that are within the improved rankings pages in Google search results and others.

Why is the ranking page more important than the product page for search engines?

When I asked John Muller, an official at Google SearchCall, which are the most important products or rankings in SEO for online stores in particular, He assured me that the most important thing is the Categories page for the following reasons:

  • Often the product page does not have much content and is limited to brief product information.
  • The product page is highly competitive with the rest of the stores that use the same product name and the same description that is often copied from the manufacturer.
  • There may be several pages in the same store for the same product with a difference in color, size or shape, which causes internal competition between these pages, and this is not a good thing.
  • Product pages switch, change, stop and run out of stock, While the rankings pages contain a description of the classification and its content, brands and products, this makes the content of the ranking page the best for the publication.
  • Getting backlink to the rankings page is easier and has a greater chance than backlink to a single product page.
  • Most of the online shoppers add the product to the cart from the category or brand page without entering the product page.

2) How to choose keywords for online stores

The aim of the store is to sell, of course, You must use keywords of a nature that reflect your intent to buy in the ratings and manufacturers’ pages. Focus on long keywords with high or low search volume.

For example “ The best type of smart screen in Saudi Arabia “A long keyword that reflects the intention to buy a smart screen in a specific country and what follows is the same country that it sells to, Do not rely on short keywords even if they have a high search volume such as “ Smart screen “Because you will fall into the trap of high competition for this word and most of those searching for it will not be intending to buy.”

How do I optimize a product keyword on the ranking page?

Of course, the product name will be in the ranking page, not the product page only, and therefore the targeted links in SEO should be the ranking page or the manufacturer page that contains this product, especially when obtaining backlink.

This is because the SEO process depends on a period of time that may extend for months to reach the first Google search results page, and thus the product version may end from the market and a new version will come, for example, and you will start again for the new release page, and this is cumbersome like a stick and a carrot.

So, make your focus on the most stable pages in your online store, such as categories pages and manufacturers (brands), and this does not mean that product pages will not appear on the search engine page. On the contrary, the strength of the classification page is what raises the order of the product pages inside it automatically as they are linked to each other by internal links She transfers the power of pages between them.

It is preferable to consult a specialist in conducting the search for the appropriate keywords for your store in order to provide you with useful words for your store and greatly benefit users by reaching their target accurately from the search engine Google or others.

3) Improve the user experience in the online store

  • The goal of search optimizations should be to make the user experience easier because good user evaluation and spending more time in your store makes your store ranking progress faster and better, Therefore Any SEO that does not facilitate the user experience is a failure And don’t forget to add the rating option for the products, Google cares about this part too. In addition to linking your store b Google Merchant Center It gives you an opportunity to show your store products in the Shopping tab of Google search engine.

google merchant results

  • Another important part of improving the user experience is Search bar It is the most used part in electronic stores, and therefore it must be highly efficient programmer that facilitates the visitor’s access to the product he is looking for. With the fewest possible clicks So try to use software that relies on artificial intelligence, such as Algolia It helps you to improve the user experience, increase sales, statistics, automatic suggestion of products, as well as predict customer structure in the search bar. For more information, you can read about how to benefit from artificial intelligence in electronic stores
  • Don’t forget to use the search filter on the Categories, Manufacturer and Search Results page. I repeat that if the user experience is not easy, there will be a high bounce rate from the first page of your store, and thus Google will see that your online store suffers from problems and does not deserve a high ranking in the search results, and this gives priority to your competitors.

An example of a great user experience in a store that I have integrated artificial intelligence into, Try the search by typing some letters such as trans and do not complete the word transistor (being a specialized store for electrical circuits) Circuit Rocks

4) How to improve the home page of the online store

The home page of the online store must contain:

  • First the search and navigation bar and then the special offers slider.
  • Most popular and in-demand products and specials, Because it is the visitor’s gateway to enter other pages and reduce the bounce rate, The strongest offers should be at the top of the home page of the online store.
  • The eye-catching, flawless and attractive design is a very, very important element of your homepage. Pay attention to the smallest details, make it professional, not distract the visitor.
  • Do not forget to add the badges and logos associated with the available payment methods, delivery methods, shipping, and warranty information on the paid and return money for free, The customer should feel secure in you.
  • The footer or biller must contain the name of the company to which the site belongs, the address and the customer service number, and this information is read by Google and gives greater reliability to your store.
  • Keep the total of the words on the main page no less than 700 and no more than 2000 words.

eCommerce homepage

5) The best SEO software for online stores

The use of a SEO plugin or program for your online store is very important because it will make the SEO process easy and under your control through the control panel using pre-programmed plugins according to the online store program that you use, You can find it in stores selling add-ons for each program.

I mean here the online store program, such as OpenCart, Magento, Shopify and others, These software or plugins make controlling content dynamically much easier than the manual method, and you will not need a programmer to implement store improvement in terms of SEO often.

Here, I chose the best SEO software for electronic stores based on its comprehensiveness and ease of control without increasing the burden on the store:

In conclusion, Explaining everything related to SEO or search engine optimization I mentioned in this article is a complete course in learning SEO to be a basis on which to build your personal experience through practice and experience, and if you go to a site Search Engine Journal You will find more articles of great importance in terms of improving visibility in Google Search.

If you are looking for an SEO consultant, you can contact us at the email shown at the bottom of the site

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