To remain competitive in the ever-changing social media landscape, TikTok has continuously introduced new features to keep users engaged. Recent updates include the addition of new text-to-speech voices and the ability to host group chats. Today, the platform introduces another new feature that is already present on many other social platforms.

What is the “Repost” Button on TikTok?

TikTok has recently implemented a “repost” button, allowing users to share videos created by other users with their followers, without the videos appearing on their own profiles. If you come across a video you wish to share in your “For You” section, simply click the repost button, and your followers will be able to view it. However, the video will not be visible on your profile.

Although TikTok has always allowed users to share videos with other individual accounts or in group chats, it has not previously provided an option to share videos with all of its users simultaneously. To share a video this way, you had to download it from TikTok and manually re-upload it, which often resulted in the original creator not receiving proper credit.

The “Repost” function functions similarly to Twitter’s “retweet” feature, enabling you to share content with your followers while giving credit to the original creator. While some users have found this new feature beneficial, others on Twitter have complained about the placement of the button, which resembles an arrow and is located in the top right corner of the screen.

The button’s placement has led many users to accidentally share videos they did not intend to, while others argue that the feature is useless and unnecessary.

“Ack, the ‘repost’ button on TikTok being in the mutual bar is so frustrating! I keep accidentally reposting things when I only want to send them to my friend,” wrote a user on Twitter.

“Why did TikTok make it possible to ‘repost’ someone else’s TikTok? They basically made it a retweet button,” added another user.

How to Access the TikTok Repost Button

While some users are already expressing their discontent with this new feature, others are curious about how to access it if they don’t see it on their app yet. Unfortunately, there is no way to expedite the addition of the repost button to your TikTok account. TikTok is rolling out the feature gradually and testing it as they go. Some users will therefore have access to it before others.

Considering the negative reception the feature has received thus far, users who have yet to access it might be relieved that it’s not yet available to them. TikTok plans to eventually make the feature accessible to all users, so those who currently don’t have access will only have to wait for a limited time.